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  • DIY 8 string cheep

    Carvin is selling some of their beautiful neck through 8 string necks, hardrock maple and ebony board with a paddle head so you can make any profile you'd like. Add wings of your choice, sand, add bridge, tung oil and GO, even the nut is cut. $229


    I'd add the Kahler 8 string bridge, onsale at Wammi world for $200


    fret board radius is a little too round at 14"

    scale length is a little too short at 27" but it will still present a great creative tool

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    27"? That's like a guitar.
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      This is how I'm starting my custom bass. Ordered it ebony fretboard no inlays no side dots, stainless steel frets, blank headstock. $305 after shipping. It's quite worth it, allows you to build something that is your own, but does the hardest work for you.
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        Sorry to have not been more specific: the OP is regarding an 8 string guitar. 8 string guitars are currently much more popular than 8 string basses and Carvin hasn't made an 8 string bass in many years (if ever). The bridge I specified also only handles up to about a 0.08, which is strictly a guitar gauge, unless you're Joey DeMaio


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      I have used necks from Carvin and was very pleased.  Since I now prefer fanned frets (Novax (tm)) I have to make them myself.


      There are uses for eight strings, especially if you do solo stuff.

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