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Gloriously ugly single-button footswitch


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  • Gloriously ugly single-button footswitch

    Just thought I'd share one of my more recent(and incredibly simple) DIY creations:

    Here's my footswitch that cost approximately $10.00 to build, since I didn't want to pay $50.00 for a flimsy Marshall footswitch that does the same damn thing. I paid maybe $5.00 for a good quality Carling switch, $3.00 or $4.00 for a big steel pipe cap, and I had a decent guitar cable laying around. Some drilling and soldering, and it's all good.

    $50.00 for a chinese-made switch in a 16-gauge steel enclosure, with a cheap cable? I'll take the Carling switch in an 8mm thick steel enclosure any day. 


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    Wow, that is really clever! I love it.


    Now I have visions of a while stage persona built around gear made out of plumbing, electrical and HVAC materials.




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      What kind of drill bit did you use on that pipe cap?


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        I believe it was a 3/8" cobalt bit. I bought it the same place I bought the pipe cap.

        I didn't really drill it the "proper" way. I drilled the holes in one shot with just that drillbit, using some old motor oil for lubrication. It worked fine, though, with no damage to the bit.

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      It has been a while since I last posted in this forum, but after getting curious and looking in on the place, and seeing this...


      I love it!

      I was just considering doing something similiar to create a bypass switch for my pedals, but had not decided on an enclosure... I might snatch your idea ^^


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