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Installing an "off-site" footswitch into a pedal


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  • Installing an "off-site" footswitch into a pedal

    I have been contemplating purchasing a T. C. Helicon H1 vocal harmonizer pedal, but have held off because of what I perceive as the biggest drawback to this and pretty much every other harmonizer pedal. They all have lots of cool harmonies available, but in order to access them during a live performance, I'd have to bend down and manually change the settings. Is there any way to retrofit a separate footswitch so I could mount the pedal on a mic stand, but still be able to turn the harmonies on and off with a footswitch? Seems to me this should be a pretty simple mod. So why don't any of the manufacturers offer this as an option?

    My soldering and electronics skills are pretty basic, so if anybody has some suggestions as to how I could do this, they'd be greatly appreciated.
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    Is there nothing out there that can take a MIDI controller that would let you just stomp on one of 10 buttons to recall a preset?


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      Read the manual. You can but a thumb switch for it,   sku# H70845


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        I'd prefer not to use MIDI. I want to keep it simple.

        I know they have a thumbswitch for the proprietary mic, but I don't think I'm coordinated to play guitar chords and push a thumbswitch on and off and still keep the rhythm going.

        Why doesn't anyone offer a footswitch like I want?

        BTW, I have the old discontinued Digitech Vocalist Performer, which is exactly what I'm talking about, except that it was made before they had the automatic harmony that picks the harmony voices based on the guitar chords, so I have to reset it for each song based on the key and the type of harmonies I want.