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anyone using the lexicon pcm native reverb bundle?

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  • anyone using the lexicon pcm native reverb bundle?

    love to hear what you think of it

    it's on special at audio deluxe until the end of the month (june) for $239... this is a massive drop from the price it was when it came out, so i'm thinking of picking it up

    my current main reverbs are tc electronics m3000 (hardware) and the valhalla room and vintage verbs

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    I demoed it - it really does sound remarkably like a Lexicon hardware unit. If that sound appeals to you, then it's a good deal.

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      I have the lexicon pantheon that came with Sonar and I also have all the major lexicon Impulse sets which I run with Sonars Perfect Space Convolution Reverb.

      You can download a free copy of SIR then download all the impulse sets here.
      They sound about as good as any of their hardware versions if you tweak them a bit. Definitely match the Pantheon for quality.

      I'd take the free route first in any case and see if you like their Reverbs. Some can be a bit metallic. I like them for drums and occasionally on guitar. Allot of the impulses sound alike with only mild differences. Many of them are pretty sucky too. Using some of them in any mix would be a challenge.

      What's hardest to find in any package is just normal natural reverb presets that aren't overkill or so weak they get buried by the mix. If its a good enough package you can usually tweak it till you get what you need. Others can be one trick Pony's. They may have a gazillion settings but really only produce a few really good reverb tones.

      I do have an older Waves R Reverb which was considered one of the best. I spent a long tome messing with it and after all that time, I really couldn't get what I needed which were just simple verbs that clearly defined depth and space without all the clutter they add. Lately I been back to using my Alesis Hardware units for guitar. They aren't my favorite but I can usually get close enough.


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        My friend and I swap Sonar projects back and forth so we both bought the same Full Package with Effects and Reverbs on sale for $499US. Lots and lots of presets to choose from and you can tweak and save settings if you like. Still wading through the presets and find them to be much better than the Pantheon reverbs that come with Sonar. I have no experience with any of your units/plugins so I can't say they are better or worse. It will likely be my last reverb plugin for a long time...
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          thanks gents... will download the demo tomorrow and give it a whirl... i'd really love another hardware box, but i'll see how this goes