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  • Best FX effects

    What are the best studio grade FX processors out there? In particular , I am looking to process dry tracks, guitar(acoustic/electric) as well as synths. I use Cakewalk-Pro/SonarXL , and decided that the included bundle of effects are rather Mickey-mouse grade and absolutely couldn't be used for anything serious.

    Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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    Some you mught find interesting:

    Rack:Roland sdd-320, tc 1210, Dynachord srs 56, ADA stereo tapped delay, TC 2290, maybe Eventide eclipse.

    pedalsamage control timeline, Foxrox Paradox TZF, Matchless Hotbox, analogman fuzzes (any) and king of tone. Thanks for reading... Pedro...


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      I got Sonar 8.5 and the effects are pretty good. I would say if you cant do what you need with the built in tools its not the tools that are mickey mouse.
      A good mechanic can do the same job with nearly any wrench so long as the wrence isnt defective in some way or cumbersome to use. Like anything else its the experience using the tools, not the tools themselves that make a huge difference.

      There are some I consider superior over others for certain applications, but like with anything whats good for one job may suck on another. Without being very specific on whats needed I wouldnt recomend too much besides having you go to KVR and download every free plugin and try them all out extensively, then keep the ones that work for you and your work. This will give you a frame of reference and help to get past the fancy bells and whistles and do nothing knobs and helps to get focused on production. Once a tool gets some heavy production use, you find out simpler is better and toold themselves wont make a crappy recording sound good. Then you can focus on the actual tracking and aim at getting the tracking so good that you need crutch plugins to fix something that shouldnt even need fixing in the first place.


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        the best fx are useless if you don't tweak them properly, you can do a lot with cheap or free stuff.


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          True if rather pedantic and obvious.

          I don't know Cakewalk/Sonar plug-ins, as I use Pro Tools as my DAW, but if MDW Hi-Res EQ makes it for Cakewalk, I'd really look into that. If not, I think Kjaerhaus makes stuff for Cakewalk, and they're supposed to be really great EQs.

          For cheap stuff, I think you can use the Stillwell Vibe EQ, which I love.

          For free or cheap or whatever it is, the Blue Cat Chorus and other stuff by Blue Cat sound good. I'm fairly sure they're still free, so check 'em out. I use them a fair amount.

          I can't think of a good delay, but there should be great delays for you. I use the Massey delay, which is utterly fantastic, but they make stuff only for RTAS, unfortunately.
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