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    Aardvark Direct Pro 24/96 in box. Four class A mic pre's to PCI & MIDI. PM me w/offer.


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      Selling an Avalon VT-737SP. $1500.

      This unit is in MINT condition, been used for approx 4-5 hours in a clean, smoke-free studio. Technically and cosmetically indistinguishable from a new unit. Comes with 737SP, Manual, and Original boxing/foam.

      I am leaving the country for a few months this fall and am in desperate need for cash so my studio has to go.

      Posted on Ebay:



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        Full Version of Nuendo 2.0 (with updates to the latest for Mac OSX and PC.

        - Includes all Original Install CD's, the box (box says "UPDATE" on it, as it was an update from previous Nuendo)
        - Quickstart Manual and Full Manual
        - Dongle
        - the Registration card with the Serial and version number on it
        - DVD of Nuendo Demo Content

        I have the updates and their documentation on CD that I'll include.


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          Antares atr1a auto tune........$250 shipped

          DBX 131 graphic eq................$100 shipped

          Roland SRV 3030 digital reverb.....$100 shipped

          PM if you are interested in anything, or E-mail me at jafels@comcast.net

          I will ship anywhere in the Continental U.S, I would also ship internationally but the buyer would be responsible for all shipping costs in that situation. I accept pay pal. Thank you......Jeff


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            See my ebay link in my sig. I have a black Russian Small Stone for $50.00 shipped, and a bunch of guitar tab books up right now, as well as a 8-channel powered PA mixer. The small stone was something I picked up for myself but then decided it's not my thing. Since I'm a dealer for them it's still got full warranty and has the wooden box, plastic bag, and papers it came with.

            I still also have my Fostex R8 analog 8-track reel to reel recorder in near mint shape for sale, $400.00, with original box, manual, remote extender cable and rackmount ears.

            One pair of Rola Celestion G12-50 speakers in good shape, these came out of an Ampeg @x12 cab, they're 15-ohms. $75.00 shipped for the pair.

            Also, I have a new in the box Rio Grande Texas Humbucker, retails at $106, I'll sell it for $80.00 shipped in the USA. I'm a Rio dealer, I normally can beat all the advertised pricing on them, so if you're looking for something, feel free to hit me up. I'm a small shop so I might not always have it in but they're usually pretty quick getting stuff to me when I order it.

            I also have a couple Rio Grande t-shirts in Large, retail is $18.00 on these, I'll take $15.00 each shipped.

            PM or email me if interested.
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              Also, I forgot to mention I'm looking for a couple of the older style Alesis AC power supply units, 10 volts AC, with 1/8" plug on the end, like the old Midiverb II used.
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                selling a presonus digimax 96k. 8ch mic pre with analog and digital outs (optical, s/pdif). digital outs capable of up to 24/96khz. limiters, -20dB pad, eq "enhance" function on every channel. first two channels have di inputs and polarity reversal. excellent condition, works perfectly. outboard power supply also in great working/looking condition.

                we were using it for spare mic pres if we ever ran out of great ones (nope, doesn't happen), but mainly as a converter for our headphone/cue system. we've decided to go totally digital with the hearback system, so i'm selling this.

                would be great for any studio/home recordist who needs plenty of mic pres and converters on a serious budget.

                retails for $1699, sells at stores/dealers for $1329.

                Buy this one for $850.

                can be picked up at the studio in NYC (tested too, if you're paranoid) which is close to E/V/G/N/W/7 subways, or can be shipped to anyone who wants it (split shipping with me).
                Sean Eldon
                Mercenary Audio


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                  also selling:

                  BLUE Kiwi with BLUE shockmount and pop filter. 9 patterns. excellent condition. I've been using it a lot for kick drum heads, mono drum overhead, room mic, distant mic for horns, backup vocals in figure 8, bass amps in omni. Comes with handsome cherrywood box lined with crushed velvet. Need money for Tonelux.

                  $1500 for everything. This mic sells for $2000. The shockmount is $200+ at stores, the pop filter is about $200 as well. Save some money.

                  This can be shipped if you split the shipping with me, or alternatively it can be tested and picked up at our studio.

                  Sean Eldon
                  Mercenary Audio


                  "Gearslutz -- Where the uneducated go to fight it out with the misinformed." - Dave Hecht


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                    Pod xt Pro: $700 excellent condition

                    Magic Stomp effects pedal: $125 like new, two weeks old.

                    Fender Telecaster USA 2003: $725 near mint condition, selling only because I got a Taylor T5

                    PM me if interested in any of these!


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                      frontier design wavecenter pci - $80 shipped to US only

                      Sennheiser e609 silver - $85 shipped to US only


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                          BFD DRUM SOFTWARE $180 shipped


                          CUBASE SE 3 RECORDING SOFTWARE $100 shipped


                          BBE 462 SONIC MAXIMIZER rackmount $60 + shipping

                          KLH dual tray cd burner+remote. $50+shipping.

                          i accept US POSTAL MONEY ORDERS or PAY PAL (include 3% fee). if you are interested, please e-mail:carr3rd@aol.com


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                            Originally posted by t-rave
                            frontier design wavecenter pci - $80 shipped to US only

                            PM sent!

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                              I'd be thrilled if someone simply had the library, or even simply a copy of the Indian instruments (KSDU-006) on a DSS-1 floppy disk.

                              If you have these disks some place and you are not using them, drop me a PM. My library got destroyed in a house fire but the DSS-1 itself miraculously survived (although it looks like hell).

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