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  • M-box,as slave to RME 9632


    I produced a demo session in Nash Vegas, very strong demo single for the NASCAR set. Friday, I booked some time in the valley, to have some things refined.

    I wanted to put in different Strat riffs, ducking out a few of Tele ones, used in Nashville by the player. (He played not exactly as I wrote it, but does the job well enough, but!)

    On Saturday, went to retail and was told an M-Box would call up session from HD, no problem. Wrong, the pro-sumer stuff doesn't lay in the same way and next time I'd tell the engineer what to set up, by track not as edited regions.

    QUESTION: Can the M-Box be the S/PDIF slave to the RME 9652 and Samplitude?

    Right now it just hisses and It might be pilot error, but I've not found an actual routing scheme, that aleviates the digital noise.

    That way I can stay away from the schmaltzy gizinta of the Box, but still have the LE for sessions, to transfer future demo material, to real HD systems.

    Otherwise, this little Avid revenue enhancment, is going back to the store.

    I can alwys bring in AIFF or WAVE files from Samplitude as it is.