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    I've heard only 1,5 verse and a chorus of Morissettes' new album. THe song 'Underneath' and the sound of it just blows me away aswell as the production.

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      I've heard only 1,5 verse and a chorus of Morissettes' new album. THe song 'Underneath' and the sound of it just blows me away aswell as the production.

      That's Guy Sigworth's handiwork on the production side. He uses a lot of physical modeling synthesis and self-recorded samples to construct songs, and it shows in everything he does. His engineering is very sharp.

      He has a myspace you know: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=546 55590. Listen to the songs there and note the similarities.
      The new blog: http://synonymmusic.blogspot.com/

      Originally posted by Walters9515
      yes he is SIG:

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      I know u have a full blow studio where and haven't ever heard what a envelope follower is or have never used one in your life beside with a Quack which u are quacking like a rubber ducky in a tub


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        I would like to throw Emmylou's friend Buddy Miller's production in the mix. I really like his stuff. Sounds organic to me...


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          Most of the ones I would have mentioned are already in this thread, but I'd add Kings of Leon - Because of the Times in there as well. Phenomenal sounding album!


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            Oh yeah, and if anyone missed them, Pearl Jam - Yield, Red Hot Chili Peppers - BloodSugarSexMagik, and The Black Crowes - The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion are all sonic masterpieces as well.


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              Shawn Calvin was already mentioned but I happen to like her first album - John Leventhal's work on these recording is unmistakable.

              Chiaroscuro by Mike Marshall and Darol Anger - acoustic heaven.

              15 Minutes by Nik Kershaw - put the headphones on and melt in power-pop sophistication - guitar and quirky synth mixed just right.

              +1 to Pat Metheny Group - This Way Up. Just listened to it last night - it's astounding in every respect.

              Step It by Bill Conners - the recording of Dave Weckl's drums is like nothing I've ever heard - close-miced, punchy and live like you're there.

              Beyond The Missouri Sky by Charlie Haden - subtlety at it's best.

              Most of the Radiohead recording amaze me for their uniqueness in sound.

              The Odd Get Even by Shadowfax - it's a Windam Hill recording right?

              As for something newer, how about David Gilmour's On an Island?

              How did Genesis get the "wall of sound" on recording like Trick of the Tail & Wind & Wuthering?


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                Beyond The Missouri Sky by Charlie Haden - subtlety at it's best.

                I dig that album. To be honest I've been so blown away with the musicality of it that I haven't payed to close attention to the mix.
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                  Here's some more modern ones I particularly like..

                  Radiohead - OK Computer

                  The Mars Volta - Deloused in the Comatorium

                  Jack Johnson - In Between Dreams

                  A lot of Steve Albini. Has anyone heard Don Caballero's American Don?

                  I love the Strokes' Room on Fire and Is This It, for what they are the production captures the essence of the band.


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                    I just sorted my iTunes library by year to see what I think is exceptional that was recorded somewhat recently. I love OK Computer too, but that album is 11 years old!

                    Air - Talkie Walkie (2004)
                    Timbaland presents Shock Value (2008)
                    Spoon - Ga Ga Ga Ga (2007)
                    Autolux - Future Perfect (2004)

                    For every gem, production wise, there is an awful lot of crap. There are many bands that I would enjoy if they didn't sound so bad:

                    The Killers
                    Times New Viking (must be heard to be believed!)
                    Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
                    Wolf Parade

                    And finaly, how do they manage to get a decent band like Modest Mouse to sound so stunningly ****************-tastic? That must take a mighty budget indeed.


                    • BTW, I would put Walkie Talkie up against any album from any era, production-wise.


                      • Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells is one of my favorite sounding albums.


                        • I'm wondering what people think are the best engineered / best produced albums out there. Learning (or stealing) is always more fun when your teachers are the best

                          Albums that come to mind for me are:
                          Tom Petty -- Wildflowers
                          or anything produced by Mutt Lange (def leppard, ac/dc, or shania twain or whatever)

                          So what are the albums that you listened to that made you want to run around and tell everyone how freakin awesome they sound?

                          Most Beatles, Beach Boys, Stones, Floyd, ELP, Genesis, Sabbath/Ozzie, a lot of '80's synth pop, Hank Williams, Alice In Chains, Prince, newer chain saw rock, get idears for production from everywhere


                          • Neil Young- Harvest
                            Foo Fighters- The colour and the shape, one by one
                            Coheed and Cambria- No world for tomorrow, Good Apollo I'm burning star IV
                            Weezer- Pinkerton
                            Matthew Good- The audio of being, Avalanche
                            Counting Crows- August and everything after
                            NOFX- So long and thanks for all the shoes, Punk in drublic
                            The Smashing Pumpkins- Siamese Dream, Mellon collie and the infinite sadness
                            Panic! At the disco- A fever you can't sweat out
                            Refused- The shape of punk to come


                            • Nobody has mentioned The Waterboys, This is the Sea. What a great album. Worth it for "Whole of the Moon" alone.

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                              • Obviously Floyd's "Darkside ..." and plenty of the Beatles LPs are up there.

                                A couple that I personally love are Lanois works: U2's "The Joshua Tree" is the masterpiece of their career. I just bought the 20th anniv release on 180-gram vinyl, remastered from the original masters. Wow.

                                Someone else also mentioned Emmylou Harris' "The Wrecking Ball." Lanois again, and as a fan of both him and a lifelong worshipper of Emmylou, that record is total ear and mind candy for me. He captured her voice at its most expressive (I read somewhere he insisted they track the voice late at night after she had had many cigarettes and a few glasses of wine). It can bring tears.

                                Put on the headphones and drift away....

                                PS: +1 on the Waterboys!
                                Drew Townson