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    I remember those and actually played in one of those WLIR broadcasts. But lets not forget that the Vanilla Fudge and Young Rascals did some things there along with Producer Shadow Morton and more, as well as Leslie West and Billy Joel. Anyway, by Long Island standards it's a bit historic and still feel it deserves a mention on those terms.

    I used to work at WLIR in the late 70's, early 80's... there was some absolutely classic stuff that came out of Ultrasonic... my favorite being a Little Feat "live for the radio" show. The playing and audio were of equal caliber to say the least.

    I truly was a great studio!!
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      Sound City Studios

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        ... Electric Lady is a recording studio.

        thank you Fletcher -- personal peeve of mine. it's ELECTRIC LADY, damnit!
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          I'm having a Senior Moment at the moment, but maybe one of you guys could chime in and help me here:

          How about the famous little studio in Memphis that Elvis first recorded at, that also churned out many later hits?

          It's name is at the edge of my brain but refuses to make the quantum leap to my tongue.
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            [QUOTE=Lucky #9;33480412]
            How about the famous little studio in Memphis that Elvis first recorded at, that also churned out many later hits?

            At the risk of Fletcher telling me it never existed, the studio you are thinking of is Sun Studio.
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              Most of the Stax work in Memphis was done at Ardent... I don't believe Stax had their own studio.

              Stax actually did have quite an active studio of it's own over on East McLemore. Al Bell started booking sessions at Ardent as a second studio for the label in 1967.

              While we're on the subject of Memphis, how about Royal Recording over on South Lauderdale where many of the great Hi Records tracks were cut?


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                Hitsville, USA - aka Motown Studios.

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                  AIR Studios, London
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                    NRG Studios


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                      John Keane Studio in Athens GA, several platinums on the wall, REM, B52's, Widespread Panic, 10,000 Maniacs, Indigo Girls, and many many many others.


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                        Coast Recorders in San Francisco
                        Stax in Memphis, TN
                        Little Mountain Sound Studios in Vancouver, British Columbia

                        I've got a Brick from Stax Records. LOL
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