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Just curious... what's everyone using for their audio interfaces?


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    Apogee Duet (the old Firewire version)

    Outstanding sound quality, built like a tank. Only 2 channels, but if I need more I just borrow an Ensemble. No fuss / no muss with Live and Logic.

    On the down side, it took Apogee a while to get Maestro ported over to Lion and I can pretty much guarantee they will not support it through another OS revision cycle. FW800 means either sticking with my current MBPro or dealing with a goofy Thunderbolt dongle to use it with anything newer.


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      Perfect for my use, solo acoustic recording. Good audio quality. Phantom Power.

      About the only complaint is an issue with the system losing something in the installation/operation software and so periodically requiring an un-installation and re-installation.
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        Mackie Onyx 1202 w/ firewire card

        I've had this for a couple years now. Previously had a Presonus Firepod (which was pretty good). The biggest improvement over the Firepod is that this is a fully functional mixer. I bought it with the purpose of using in both studio and live environments, and it definitely works well in both. The pre's have a decent amount of gain, and there are a lot of routing options with the auxes inserts. It runs great along side my MBP and all the software I use...
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          Digi 192 (the original blue one)


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            Presonus Firestudio Project.
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              Please tell us about your audio interface.

              I'd also love to hear about the things it does, or the features it has that you really like, as well as any major areas of concern that you have, or things that you wish were changed or improved.

              i use the mackie onyx 1220 with firewire

              enough channels for my needs
              seems rugged and well built
              works as a stand alone mixer

              I got it when it first came out so probably paid a premium for it and there are lots of other similar stuff out there now, but overall no real complaints about it


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                Saffire 56 going ADAT into my Saffire 40 into my laptop. I love the inputs obviously, but other than that they are clean interfaces that get the job done. Only complaint is that there isn't much juice on the preamps to drive my SM57 for vocals without noise, probably going to purchase a FEThead.


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                  Tascam DP-01 fxcd.
                  It is old but works great!!!!
                  The effects suck- but I only need reverb added.
                  I got it really cheap and it can burn CDs right from the unit- i dont need a computer.
                  The hard drive is a computer hard drive- it died after a couple of months of use- I just got an old computer hd and it works great!
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                    Nothing right now, sold my interface as part of a move to Mac. Looking at a TC Electronic Impact Twin.
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                      Delta 44 with a mackie 802 serving as the front end. More than sufficient for my basic uses.


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                        At home I have the first generation Apogee Duet. I use that to get ideas down for songs and the like. SAL and my drummers other band split the cost of an Apogee Ensemble which we run at the practice space.
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                          mbox mini [hangs head], which actually isn't as bad as i thought it would be (if you only need one track...). most of my tracking so far has been on a tascam 2488 (which has 8 ins), but editing on it... so i import into protools (the mbox is just a dongle w/benefits ) and go from there. am looking at the best way to upgrade, now that pt allows any interface. or maybe go with something else... wheee!
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                            A karaoke machine with two tape decks.
                            Tascam cassette 4 track.

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                              Just learning how to. Bought an E-MU Tracker Pre. Used from a fellow forumite.
                              Seems like a good place to start.

                              Using to record guitar, SM57 > E-MU Tracker > Reaper

                              I like its simplicity for the novice

                              By the way, thanks Phil for your help threads and stuff.
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                                Mackie Onyx 1640i, Mackie MCU and a Mackie Big Knob. Where to begin. First, 16 independant channels to my DAW rig and the ability to route the individual channels back to the 1640i for mixdown. Or just mix in the box. The 16 channels can be pre mixer eq and or post eq. I do find the Perkins Eq on the mixer quite nice. I utilize the 6 aux channels to send 6 individual headphone mixes out to my live room (via multi channel headphone amp). I can also route vst effects out to the headphone mixes via my DAW which is nice for singers who want that large reverb when tracking. I can route the entire DAW mix through the mixer for a more analog feel during mixdown. I can route the daw mix through the Big Knob or the 1640i's mains to any outboard gear (say 2 channel tape machine) and back in again (if I want). I can use outboard gear via the mixer inserts and or mains. I have been experimenting with routing mixes through old analog stereo gear and taking that output back into my daw and it works quite well. Plus I have consumer level inputs, for tape deck, and an old school phono preamp input !!! Its a freakin "Swiss Army Knife". Sure there is better quality stuff out there if I want to spend 10 - 20k, but for just under 2k (all three pieces), you cant beat it
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