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Just curious... what's everyone using for their audio interfaces?

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    I love how it sounds! I had heard good things about their preamps and have not been dissapointed. It's been reliable. Doesn't randomly crash like my Delta 44 did. Has MIDI. Have not played around with routing, but it seemed flexible-ish.

    My only gripes are minor.

    1. I don't like "stepped" potentiometers. It feels weird. Give me smooth action please.

    2. Firewire is becoming increasingly irrelevant with USB 2 and 3. My new computer's motherboard doesn't have integrated FW so I needed to buy a PCI card for it.

    3. Becomes really hot on top when plugged in. Even if you're not using it. Phantom on or off doesn't seem to impact the heat.

    Overall very happy with it.


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      Alesis IO4

      Bought it mainly for having 4 inputs at once - sound quality is not of that great importance to me as I only record quick demos with it. Midi in/out, can record in 24 bit. A tad noisy though.


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        I use a Zoom G3 effects unit, it's not a 'real' interface, and it's not intended to be, but it surprised me with how useful it is. I'd like a proper interface so I can go 24 bit and output to monitors properly.
        But as a tool for putting down ideas, or even demoing tracks, it's pretty good.

        It's a pain to get decent level for vocals though as there's no XLR in.


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          Mbox 2

          I was taking a recording class at the local community college and i learned basic protools there so I wanted to get the software I had some use on. Cheapest (at the time) protools system I could get with with MIDI. It is easy to set upd and break down which is great since I have no space for a music spot and I can take it with me when I go to play with people.

          the down side is it would be very difficult to record drums or a full live band if I ever wanted to but since it is just me it has not been an issue so far.
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            Lexicon Omega. It's a pretty old unit by now, but still works. USB 1.1. I've always used some version of Cakewalk with it, currently on Sonar 8.

            Likes: phantom power built in, 6 inputs, good audio quality

            Dislikes: 1) No Windows Vista support (not an issue now), but I bought a Vista laptop to do some recording at a friend's house, couldn't downgrade to WinXP due to Vista-only SATA disk drives. Fuuuuuuu..... 2) No ON/OFF switch, and wall-wart powered. 3) LED meters aren't working correctly - not a big issue because I monitor the input levels on the DAW.

            I had some weird flakiness issues with this box, and was going to send it to Lexicon for repair, but just kind of blew it off. Hooked it up again later, probably to a newer computer, and it's worked great since then.
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              I'm using a pair of Digidesign 192 interfaces (one regular and one digital). The digital one goes to a Tascam DM-3200 for monitoring and it's my control surface in ProTools and my external pres go to the analog one.

              I keep them in the closet because the fans are noisy:


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                Yamaha Audiogram3

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                  i use a presonus firebox. it works with my imac/logic and i havent pushed the limits of the computer/DAW yet.
                  and i only really record 1 mic at a time...thou ive been starting to try out 2 mics.
                  it has 2 other inputs (total of 4 which i can record simultaneosly...havent yet) which need preamps, but i just plug DI into them with amp modellers

                  id like to get a nice mic preamp, just dont know if i can justify it for what i do (youtube demos, occassional song writing/scratch tracks)
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                    Tascam US-800. I got it because of the price and features. Got it for $99 new when they were blowing them out. I like all the inputs and the preamps are pretty dang good. The number of inputs makes it easy to experiment with mic placement with one take. I also like the two headphone jacks. That defeats the need for a headphone amp for my uses.

                    Only con was the useless software that it came with and the difficulty getting it to work with Win 7 (wasn't really that difficult though).



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                      M-Audio Profire 610

                      It seems to deliver nice sound quality at a reasonable price.

                      Occasionally I've had to restart it, though as it will lose sound every once in a while. Not sure why.


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                        I have used an mbox 2 and recently downgraded to a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 which is more than plenty for what I use it for

                        Major concerns are always clipping and latency as well as driver support, I use it mainly to play into Amplitube 3

                        I also use a Apogee Jam for the iPad and the new version of AmpliTube for iPad supports it. However comparing it to my PC set-up is doesn't really compare latency or quality wise. I can't seem to get the Apogee Jam to work with my Windows PC although it does come with a USB connector. It is supposedly supported in MacOS.


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                          I use the cakewalk/Roland vs-100. I finally abandoned my mlan Yamaha 01x setup to get into something more portable and not FireWire. The vs-100 is small, sounds great, has up to 8 inputs, has useful control-surface functionality, and integrates with sonar (which I decided to switch over to).

                          Didn't see myself recording bands anymore, so I thought of it as a downgrade. But here I am, tracking drums with it for my new band, and the sound quality is more than merely acceptable. The pres are ok on it, but they are not my go-to. I use some outboard preamps and I'm getting fantastic results from this thing.

                          I was excited by the on-board digital mixer functionality, but it's only bear bones.

                          However, you can record two tracks stand-alone, without using a computer, which is a cool feature!


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                            my recording technique is very 'poor mans'. no interface

                            just go guitar -> board -> 1/4" to 3.5mm adapter -> macbook pro mic input running garageband/logic/guitarrig4/whatever. use the amp sims there. easy peasy.
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                              M-Audio Profire Lightbridge. Which is total overkill for my needs.


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