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Just curious... what's everyone using for their audio interfaces?


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    MOTU 828 mk2 USB.

    It gets the job done. I like the latency free monitoring options, and it's been a pretty stable recording interface even when pushed to the limit - I frequently use all 10 inputs, at the moment I'm bussing things through the 10 outputs and recording back simultaneously and it's doing it without a hitch.

    It does have some downsides. The LCD screen started to go dull after only about 18 months, and at this stage (4 years after I got it) it's basically too dark to see except in low light at just the right angle. The two built in mic preamps are abysmal, they're noisy and cheap sounding, so I only tend to use them for things I know will be quiet in the mix like Hi hat/ ride spot mics. With my current set up I can't get it to work at 88.2 or 96khz, I don't know if it's a driver or hardware problem. I use it at 48 because it does sound better than 44.1.

    In the past I've felt it's got a texture to it that keeps sound from being totally clear and present. I hate using such ambiguous terms, but the sound is a bit dull/ smokey. However, that's improved a lot since I started making an effort to leave plenty of headroom.

    In all, if I had the money I'd probably spend a grand or so on two or four channels of higher end ad/da, but I'd still use the Motu for extra channels when recording a drum kit/ full band.
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      TASCAM US-2000

      Probably the only one USB2.0 interface with so many inputs on the market.
      The price also seems reasonable.

      Cons: limited monitoring abilities, probably not the best sound-wise.
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        Eleven Rack

        Pros: Sound and relative simplicity. Fits my needs.

        Con: A problem with unplugging from the computer, and plugging in again at another time. It doesn't show up under audio interfaces, and requires a driver re-install and a reboot. An annoyance that dampens the plug-and-play aspect of it.

        I just use two clean settings; one for guitar and one for bass, and use pedals for dirt. Didn't like the default presets much.
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          I'm using multiple methods:

          1. M Audio Delta 1010 / Windows 98SE / Cubase
          2. Alesis ioDock / iPad 2 / Garageband
          3. Fostex MR8 MKI
          4. Tascam 424 MKII

          The 1010 is great because it has switches for balanced/unbalanced inputs. The downside is that it is PC only. I've been using this system since 2001 without any internet connection or OS upgrades. It has been completely stable for all these years, and boots up as quickly as a MAC. Go figure. Granted, it isn't cutting edge and the software is all way outdated, but I'm not a cutting edge recording engineer trying to cut a Grammy nomination. I just need a reliable way to sketch my ideas into audio files. Most of my effects are pre-interface anyways. I'm not afraid of commitment.


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            Presonus audiobox usb 2x2 with garageband. I haven't spent enough time with it to give a decent review, but I can get serviceable sounds running line in, which is good for when the kids are sleeping. Reasonably priced as well.
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              Fast Track Pro. It was cheap and it works good... I like the ease of use


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                Edirol UA-25
                cheap, portable, foolproof, no frills, perfect for personal use (home recording)


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                  RME Audio Hammerfall DSP Multiface II : http://www.rme-audio.de/en_products_multiface_2.php

                  The reasons I bought it:
                  - It's PCI Express so more than enough bandwidth for large amount of simultaneous tracks recording etc.
                  - RME are known for their rock solid drivers, never had a single problem.
                  - Fit's in my 19" (studio) rack and has 8 in's and out's and a host of other connecting options.
                  - The internal routing in the mixer is brilliant and extremely flexible.


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                    +1 Fast Track Pro

                    Great for demo's.


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                      I use a PreSonus Fire Box...it's older but still works, simple, gets the job done. :/
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                        A long time ago I purchased a TASCAM US-224. The learning curve on Cubase was annoyingly steep, the driver issues then extent with Windows (Me! 2000! XP!) were atrocious, and I gave up on recording to a computer. I bought a TASCAM DP-008 and went back to linear (though it stores things digitally).

                        Honestly, I find the whole "interface and software" thing a massive frustration. If I am smart enough to:
                        * Understand full scale 24/48 track studio soundboards running 2" tape
                        * Have a management position with a SAAS ("Software As A Service") company
                        * Bias amp tubes with a multimeter and set intonation on a guitar
                        * etc. etc. etc.

                        ... I shouldn't be facing a 10 hour self-help session to ****************ing record to a PC. Yeah, I bought a "For Dummies" book - it was useless.

                        I know things have progressed since, and I get annoyed with myself for not simply making the jump, but honestly, I like the TASCAMs so much (thinking of the DP024) why should I bother? If I'm careful, I can still get great sound and use the same sad skills I learned back in the 80's, when I had TIME to invest in such things. Nowadays it's "learn this, learn that" ... frigging FaceBook thinks I have the time to relearn their damn interface every three months!

                        OK, rant mode: off. I would LOVE an interface that employed the following features:
                        * quiet as possible, 24-bit recording
                        * at least four simultaneous inputs (must have choice of XLR or 1/4" and phantom power for all)
                        * true plug and play
                        * higher-quality controls - no plasticky sliders, thanks. One nice thing about the DP008 - it's a rugged little bastard.
                        * Portability. This should be a primary consideration - needs to fit in laptop bag with laptop.
                        * Foot controller included for start/stop at least

                        I'm thinking that someone could put that together for $200 and do a real nice job on the electronics and build.


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                          Edirol UA-25
                          As per what Bieke said above.


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                            I think mine is considered pretty old now. I use an Echo Layla 24/96. When I got it I was soooooo happy. 8 simultaneous ins and outs was a dream for me. I could finally do live separate drum tracking. The UI is pretty no frills but the driver is stable. I don't update my studio computer because everything works and it is not connected to the internet. Don't screw with a stable computer in the studio... I'm using Cubase 4 studio software.

                            Other than that I run through an Alesis Studio 24 mixer then direct out the channels to the Layla. I have a little rack with a couple pieces in it. I use a patch bay to plug them in where I need them. I have 2 pre-amps, a Joe Meek VC-6 and a little Bellari MP110 tube pre. Both are single channel. I use the Joe Meek more for vocals and the Bellari more for acoustic instruments.

                            All that said, I might completely re-work the studio this year and go Mac and look for an 8 in/8 out interface for that.


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                              Tascam US-1641

                              I like that it has up to 14 simultaneous channels (8 xlr, and 6 1.4"), ad/da converters are usable, and there's plenty of gain and headroom with a decently low noise floor. Works great for tracking everything from guitars to full drum kits, I use 3 dual channel behringer preamps (1 stereo, 2 dual mono) to utilize the 1/4" inputs as best as possible, especially when tracking drums. I also like that 2 of the 1/4" inputs can be used at guitar impedance so you can track scratch guitar and bass tracks while putting the real drum tracks to tape.

                              I do not like that only 10 of the inputs (8 xlr's and 2 1/4") have gain controls and 4 of the 1/4 just have a pad, also the knobs seem a little cheap and sometimes flimsy, other then that no issues.

                              We also use a Digi002 into protools for tracking alot of the stuff for the band i'm in right now, the sound quality is nice, and the fact that it leaves alot of memory and cpu power for the computer is nice, but like every single Digi002 i've ever used the pot's are scratchy as heck, and it's stability and reliability is that of a stoner working at a burger joint.
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                                Profire 2626 and pretty much everything that was said in the first post about it.
                                Cause sometimes the rhetoric don't go with the contents