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Logic Pro Prelatency type problem


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  • Logic Pro Prelatency type problem

    Using a Mackie 400f into 2010 imac with logic pro. Used to work like a champ... could record 8 tracks no problems... sometimes the screen would kinda glitch while tracking, but i had a sweet little setup.

    Took a few months off, then started doing tons of midi/controller softsynth stuff. still pretty solid.

    busted out my mic and guitar last night to lay down a some stuff; monitered fine, but when I played it back my guitar was recorded ahead of the metronome... like a 1/16th note ahead. Thought i was tired, tried again; same thing. I can drag the track FORWARD a tiny fraction of time until it lines up with the click and life's good, but that's a work around... what happend, and how do I fix it?

    I recall the roundtrip latency being 11.9ms... which isn't too bad is it? this isn't even latency... i think...

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    there is quite the same question currently in a different thread:

    which drivers are you using? do you use directx or asio drivers? if directx change to asio if possible (should be a configuration item in logic where you setup your sound interface), then your problems should be gone, report back if not. screenshots of the configuration stuff helps analysing any further problems


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      Latency usually doesn't result in a recorded track being placed ahead the beat. My guess is that there is some software setting causing the issue. Like maybe the interface is reporting the wrong latency settings to Logic for automatic delay compensation.

      Another explanation might be the mismatch comes from using direct monitoring from your interface while playing to a metronome that is going to have some latency, because it's like a simple virtual instrument.


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        Fella's... thanks for putting up with dumbos like me i had my 'recording delay' at negative 5000ms. I looked at the settings but the problem just wouldn't pop out at me until Mr. Zooey here had me look again without looking so hard at the latency part.

        Now for some uber groovin'.

        Thanks again.