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  • Pro Tools MP9 ????

    I'm a Sonar X1 Pro user and have never been happy with the Staff View (just for entering / editing MIDI data).

    So now you can get Pro Tools MP9 for $99.

    I know there are limitations compared to the full blown app, but I have an M-Audio Fast Track Ultra, so I could buy this and mess around with it and see if it floats my boat.

    Before buying to check it out, I just wanted to check to see if anyone here has had any experience with it (good or bad).

    Also, is there any audio round-trip latency to be concerned with on the Windows 7 platform?

    I checked the Avid Pro Tools forums, and there was much in the way of MP9 postings?

    Is this thing worth my effort to check out?



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    If you dont mind the learning curve. I just now spent 3 hours tonight helping a friend figure out how to get audio in and out of the damn thing: we barely figured it out { interface setup, basic monitoring and basic recording} and didn't even come close to doing any real editing on it. I'ts a hella powerful platform but if you aren't too tech savy, there are a lotta better options out there...


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      Fwiw I think they still have the pt10 demo available. It's the full blown software, but can be used for 30 days, I think. You will however need an ilok. So if you have an ilok you can see if you like it for free. Just my .02.

      Oh and if you do like it, you can normally find some pretty good deals for licenses on eBay.
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