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ProTools users - the Massey Tools are back, and they're still free!


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  • ProTools users - the Massey Tools are back, and they're still free!

    This isn't spam - I posted this on the Recording Forum, but noticed that there is far more PT talk here in Phil's forum. Hope the double post is ok

    Stephen Massey has just put back up the Massey Tools, including Talkback and the HR Meter as a free download, here:- http://diamond.he.net/~smassey/plugin.html

    The HR meter is flat out awesome, because it's free, accurate and AES/EBU compliant. No need for an expensive K-System or Dorrough meter! It's also completely customisable with PrefEdit.

    The bundle is worth downloading for the HR meter alone, but there are some other quirky plugs that are worth having a look at.
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    Sure - thanks for posting that! I should add that it's Mac-only for the free tools, although there are free trial versions of his other plugins that will run on Windows.


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      Yep, they're Mac only. But the site with the free tools also has a PC version of his Tapehead plugin. Stick it on a delay buss and see what happens Very limited compared to the Ampex/Studer emulations you can get, but not bad nonetheless.
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        I use the meter all the time. TapeHead, the limiter nad the compressor as well. I'm still waiting on that new VOG-like filter though....
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          Ditto Lee,
          The comp ends up on something on nearly every session I record. And the limiter is at the end of my chain by default on every 2 track that I go to master. Like a Waves L2, but without the 'all the hi-mids thru the eye of a needle' effect

          Great plugins, great business model. Kudos to him
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