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Happy Birthday Bob Moog - Instructions for the Moog Synth Google Doodle


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  • Happy Birthday Bob Moog - Instructions for the Moog Synth Google Doodle

    Instructions for today's Moog Synth Google doodle:


    I think it's great that Moog Music and Google are honoring Bob Moog in this way. Very cool! hil:

    Here's a link to an article with the inside story regarding the creation of what is a surprisingly complex (yet intuitive) monosynth / four track recorder - and if you haven't played with it yet, check out the instructions (above) and go to www.google.com and play with it a bit - it's remarkably good. I hope it turns a lot of people on to the musical possibilities of synthesis, and encourages them to learn a bit more about Bob Moog and his incredible contributions.

    Happy 78th birthday Bob - You are missed!

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