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Looking for a LDC to distance mic a bass cab.

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  • Looking for a LDC to distance mic a bass cab.

    Any suggestions? Typically I blend a a close mic and a DI. But this particular project is basscentric and the tones are heavy on the fuzz, octave pedals, and env filters. So I really wanna capture a room tone or distance tone as well. The band is really stripped down. Bass, Drums, Harmonica and Vox. So I really to thicken the mix with a huge bass sound. But as I said its a really fuzzy/gritty tone, but with alot of space between the beats. So I need big buzzy huge notes. Any thoughts? I currently have a DI, and a re20 mic close. But wanna a distance sound to add to it.. Maybe an LDC or Ribbon or whatever sounds right.

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    Ohh and the bass cab is an Eden Metro, in a room with quite alot of absorption.


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      Sorry I haven't figured out to how edit my posts yet on the new forum. Nor have I gotten my old ID to work it was jimbroni. But just wanted to add my budget . Trying to stay at $500 or under. But pipe dreams are always welcome. Thanks in advance.