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  • Monitor Problem!

    I have a set of Edirol MA-15D's. I like them, they get the job done. I turned them on today and only the right speaker is working properly. I checked swapped out all the cables and tried it again, still no luck. I took up an old session in protools and started trying different things panned, and I noticed that if I turn on the bass enhance on the speakers that I am getting low stuff out of the left speaker, but nothing else. Any ideas what might be wrong here? I have a friend who does a lot of work on speakers but I probably can't get it to him for a few weeks... Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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    Dug out an old cable and now it works fine o.O sorry, false alarm!


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      Cool - glad to hear you got it all figured out.

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        me tooo! Sort of panic posted when it wasn't working, probably should have tried the 3rd cable from the get go... live and learn I guess :P


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          Good lesson to be learned here. Skip the bottom bargan band of cables and spend that

          extra buck or two and buy good cables where they're needed. Less cahance of failure

          and chances are you'll have optimal sound quality.


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            That's the worst part, they weren't even cheap cables. The cable that wound up working was one of those cheap RCA cables you get with your TV, I'm off to try and find a better one today...