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headphones losing grip = losing bass


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  • headphones losing grip = losing bass

    My beloved old school Sony MDR-V6 headphones are loosening their grip on my head.

    The result is that the bass response disappears, so I have to wear a thick hat to squeeze them back.

    Should I just man-up and buy a new set of 'phones?
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    Probably. If you've had them for ages, they might just be worn out... but aren't the headbands on those just a flat metal band under the leatherette? I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure they are. If so, maybe the band has just "flattened out" a bit and gotten looser over the years. You might be able to carefully bend it back to a slightly more curved shape, thus increasing the pressure that the earcups press against the side of your head, resulting in a better seal and fit, and thus better bass.

    Sony might sell replacement parts for them too.

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      You could always try something like this with a head band: