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Hi there! Phil asked me to stop by and share...


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  • Hi there! Phil asked me to stop by and share...

    Someone reposted one of my songs over in the political forum, and Phil asked if I'd share it here. So here it is:

    Have a listen if you want.  And I'll come back later and list all the (budget) gear that I used.


    Hope you enjoy.  And thanks to Phil.

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    Awesome clip. Can't wait to hear what all gear was used.

    ∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆ Antelope Zen Tour, Dell Precision 7510 (w/i7-6920HQ, 16GB, 512GB NVMe SSD, 960GB SSD recording drive) Harrison Mixbus 3, StudioOne Pro, Pro Tools 12, and Reaper. Belmont Bigsby, Godin LGSP-90 (NAMM ed.), Godin LGX-SA into an 11 Rack controlled by a FCB1010 with an Eureka Prom. A bunch of other stuff lying around.

    Did I mention that Harrison Mixbus 3 is out? If not check it out. It Is AWESOME!!!


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      that was great... dug it a lot


      • Phil O'Keefe
        Phil O'Keefe commented
        Editing a comment

        I was really impressed when I stumbled across Mike's video last night, and I thought some of you guys would enjoy it too.


        I'm looking forward to reading all about how it was done...



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      Well thanks for the comments so far.

      Here's the list o' stuff

      Electric guitars - MIA Tele HS and Gibson Les Paul Jr. Special Doublecut, both through Guitar Rig 5

      Bass - MIJ Jazz Bass Special w/ EMGs, also through Guitar Rig 5

      Drums - Yamaha DTXpress kit triggering samples in EZdrummer

      Keys - Alesis QS6 triggering organ samples in NI Komplete

      Acoustic - Alvarez PD80 SC through RODE NT-2

      Vocals - Also through the RODE NT-2

      Interface - Presonus Firestudio Mobile

      DAW - Reaper on a 20" iMac (w/ a second cheapo monitor I picked up at Best Buy)

      Nearfield Monitors - Carvin

      I also used AC-7 Core on an iPad as a control surface (moreso while tracking than mixing, but a litle then too)

      As far as mixing the project, I used a combo of the plug-ins that came with Reaper and a bunch of the presets in EZMix 2.  I'm no engineer, so I just kinda tweak and fiddle till it sounds good to me.

      I think that's it.




      My MYSPACE Page

      My Soundclick Page

      My YouTube Stuff