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good recording software for a computer recording novice


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  • good recording software for a computer recording novice

    so, ive been using audacity which has prompted some chuckles from friends. ive only ever recorded in a pro studio or by myself to garageband. i have a windows laptop (hp dv4, 4 gigs of ram, 2.2 gig dual core, windows 7 ultimate 64 bit) and i mean, i need an interface too.


    i dont mind spending a little bit of money. i cant spend too much right no but eventually i want to get some good gear.


    but just to get goin...ableton? cubase? pro tools?


    im really not sure at all. help!

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    Is there anyone in the area you'll be collaborating with regularly? If so, you might want to consider using whatever program they use. It will make sharing song / session data back and forth a bit easier, and will give you someone local you can call upon for help if you really get stuck.

    I'm primarily a Pro Tools guy, so if you want to pick my brain on stuff... Plus, it is a pretty darned popular program, and it's the one you're most likely to find other people / studios using. However, Reaper, Cubase, and Sonar all have a lot of fans too. Logic is out of the question unless you're willing to buy a Mac. Now that even Dightal Performer is available for PC, that leaves Logic as the only major Mac-only DAW program that I'm aware of.

    As far as the interface, that depends on how many things you want to be able to record simultaneously. Just a single vocalist, or maybe a guitar or bass amp, or a couple of mikes for recording an acoustic guitar overdub? Then a two channel interface might be all you need. Want to be able to record a drum kit? You'll want a four channel interface as a bare minimum, and more likely, at least eight channels. Need to be able to record guitar, bass, and drums all at once? Eight is the bare minimum, and 16 channels or more is strongly recommended.

    What do you have in terms of outboard mic preamps, if anything? Microphones? Tell me a bit more about your goals for the system, and we'll try to help you narrow things down a bit.


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      thanks for chiming in phil!


      right now ive got a couple dynamics, no outboard preamps or anything. im gonna pick up a condensor or two pretty soon.


      mostly what i will be doing is recording and composing music for film scores or soundtracks for like commercials and stuff. i will also be recording my own musical project. for everything i want to do, i know ill be perfectly okay with four channels. im not gonna be doing any heavy drum recording or live stuff.


      my goal is quick and good sounding results, the ability to on the fly tweak stuff like effects and eq, and i need an intiutive interface that im not gonna be confused on. im an analog man! this digital stuff gives me headaches...


      i found garageband so great for how simple and intuitive the interface was. something more powerful and professionaly but easy to understand, i suppose.

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    I agree with Phil that if you were looking at a commercial studio and/or sharing with similar, PT would be the way to go. It's ubiquitous in that regard, in that demographic as it were.

    In your case and stated preferences (easy to use, intuitive, yada, yada) I'd take a really close look at Studio One which is very "Garage Band" like. If you need to load videos for your commercials you'll need the pro version which typically goes for $299 on sale.