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  • long overdue studio upgrade

    hi all, i just dusted off my old project studio. Its based around a G4 os 9.2 and Digi001 with LE 5.1.1. i know this is old tech but it does everything i need it to do. the g4 is quite unstable, it tends to 'freeze' or 'hang' intermittantly. Rather than have the g4 looked at, i am considering buying a second hand G5 for around $500.

    Long story short, can i plug the 001 PCI card into the G5 and run the 001 interface with the LE 8.0 software that came with my mbox mini? Thx!

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    I am pretty sure the last version of PTLE that worked with the Digi 001 was 6.4, so that part I can answer right off the bat - it won't work with PT LE 8.0.

    As far as the card fitting into the G5, that would depend on the type of card slot it has - I'm no expert on that era of Macs, but I thought there was a card format change at some point. The Digi 001 uses a PCI card / slot (not PCI-e), and I assume if the G5 has one, you're probably fine there.

    I'd also recommend checking into what OS is required for PTLE 6.4 to run - it might not work with a newer version of OSX. And finally, are you sure a used G5 is worth that much? I'm no expert on used Mac prices, but that sounds high to me, especially for a pre-Intel model.


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      thanks for the well informed advice phil. i will try de-bugging the g4.