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Aligning rhythm instruments with click track?


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  • Aligning rhythm instruments with click track?

    I use Audacity for tweaking individual instrument tracks, then import into Reaper for mix. I'm trying to build a simple 3/4 rhythm section, so far with a melodica and bass. Drums 'n' stuff later. In the enclosed screen shot with melodica on top, it doesn't have clear attack for each chord. I've done an OK job of aligning with click track in middle. I'm wondering about the line-in bass on the bottom. This whole thing sounds alright so far, but maybe I'm better off aligning all the bass peaks in the attack with each click?  (And no I don't know what's going on with the DC offset.)


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    Sorry if I sound old school but my advice is to play the tracks until it feels right and don't re align anything. If there is an errant note here or there then perhaps move it. There is almost no way to simply look at a screen without hearing something and know if it fits the feel of the music, or where to place it's envelope. Listen more and look less. Then you start to understand where the attacks parts might want to be vs the body. Often, a different part of the blob will land on the beat instead of just the attack or largest amplitude part


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      Agreed. My advice would be to record the parts as close to perfect as you can (or at least as close to the performance you want to hear) and go from there. Mixing should make a great sounding performance shine even more. You can't polish a turd, so to speak...if it sucks, it sucks. Just do it right the first time and it'll save you a TON of work in post production.