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Apogee Thunderbolt interface


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  • Apogee Thunderbolt interface

    I just got this press release today and thought some of you might be interested in it. Looks like Apogee is now offering a Thunderbolt option...




    Apogee Electronics

    Apogee Electronics Symphony 64 | ThunderBridge -
    64 channel Thunderbolt


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    Hope to see windows drivers for Thuderbolt...


    • Phil O'Keefe
      Phil O'Keefe commented
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      steviemixx wrote:

      Hope to see windows drivers for Thuderbolt...


      Indeed, although in the past, Apogee has always been a pretty Mac-centric company, haven't they?


      However, there are others with Thunderbolt interfaces... Avid and Universal Audio both have Thunderbolt-ready systems. I believe both will work with Windows systems now.


      BTW, how is the state of Thunderbolt on the Windows platform? I have not been staying as up to date on that as I probably should. Are PC systems starting to ship with onboard Thunderbolt interfaces built-in, or do you have to buy a third party PCI-e card and install it yourself? How's the availability on PCI-e cards?



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