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10 minute experimental demo of "Revolution" (1968)


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    I hadn't - thanks for posting that Ken. It's really interesting to hear!

    Here's the video, but if you guys get a second, do click the link Ken posted - the article is well worth reading.


    And for comparison, here's Revolution 1 as it appeared on the White Album (The Beatles):


    Notice that there's definitely some commonality between them - obviously it was edited down, and additional overdubs added, and some stuff removed...

    And for further comparison, here's the White Album version of Revolution 9:


    And of course, there was also the "single" version, which appeared on the B side of the Hey Jude single:


    Nike commercials aside, the guitar tone in that just kills me, even today...






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      Philbo on SSS was suggesting that it might be a fake.  I definitely would not know.

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    I still love the single version. Such a study in dense yet controlled guitar distortion and how it can be an integral part of that awesome drum and bass groove. Awesome groove.
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