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single ch preamp with vibe around $500?


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  • single ch preamp with vibe around $500?

    what would be a suggestion? I do have a chameleon labs 7602 but it's clunky, external power supply. I have a GT brick which is better as a DI. i need something more , i don't know, compact, something i can stick into a small bag or case. 

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    There are several options in 500 series rack format, but you're looking for a stand alone pre.

    I really like the FMR RNP. For a bit under $500, you get two channels in a really compact unit. It uses a wall wart for power... I suspect my next two suggestions do too, although I don't know for sure...

    I've been really interested in trying the new Warm Audio WA-12. Supposedly it's a API 312 style pre, and I'm a real big fan of the sound of my 3124+. 

    The other one I'm curious about is the Golden Age Project Pre73. It's supposed to be a Neve-esque / clone pre. Apparently based on the pre section of the 1073. Another classic sonic flavor.

    You might want to also check out the Focusrite ISA One. It's a stand-alone that kind of reminds me of the Brick in terms of format, but with a lot more of the mic-pre focused features that the Brick lacks. I like the sound of the Brick as a pre (love it as a DI), but the lack of metering and other features makes it pretty bare bones as a pre.

    The FMR is a solid pre. I like it a lot. The other two I haven't tried, but if they convey the character of the models they're apparently based on, they might be good options too.




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      good selections. I owned an RNP for a few years. It worked, sort of vanilla I guess. I have vanilla...heck, I am vanilla!  I do love the Chameleon labs for what it is, mine has always hummed a lot and is sort of clunky. 

      I'm trying to put together a small recording setup based around the Presonus 1602 mixer and add a couple preamps to it. Color and vibe. The presonus records very cleanly, nice friont end and A/D. Vanilla. The Golden Age pre seems like the right direction. I looked at the FMR PBC-6a seems very nice too. that combo for the lead vocal. ...maybe a comp or two on the inserts. I have an RNC. The RNLA seems interesting too. I have two Bricks, two Tofts, One Meek TwinQ. trying to slim this rig down.