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A good economical pro tools mixer.


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  • A good economical pro tools mixer.

    Like my previous thread, I am purchasing a home version of pro tools. Can anyone recommend a good econmical pro tools 8 channel mixer. Can I use any mixer, or does it have to be a firewire computer compatable. I have a Mackie micro 12 channel board, would this one work?

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    What kind of Pro Tools interface would you want to purchase? I ask because you'll have to have some sort of hardware interface with Pro Tools. Digi002 (and probably 003) have a controller that has four mic preamps and eight faders. Is that what you mean? Or do you want a mixer to work on top of that, which is also quite possible?
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      Yeah I'm with Ken, if you looking for a control surface as well snag a used 002 or score a 003.


      Go m audio and snag a projectmix I/O


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        I have an M-Audio pre-usb interface will that work as an interface between my computer and my Mackie micro12 ?


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          I'm gonna guess what you actually have is the moble pre usb.

          If so then I'm also guessing we misunderstood.

          What we both thought was a device that communicated via midi to control pro tools LE software. Like move a fader and it moves the fader in pro tools. Somewhat expensive as well.

          What you have is just a mixer.

          I don't know what your experience is but here goes:

          The moble pre is what gives you separate recording channels, also known as the I/O of the unit. That unit can't have any more than it's designed to have, from my understanding the moble pre is a 2 in 2 out interface...

          So not much. What that means is at any time you can only have 2 inputs going into pro tools. That's 2 separate audio tracks at one time and no more.

          Even if you hook a mixer up to that unit all microphones connected to your mixer end up as 2 tracks into pro tools. So say for instance, 8 mics on a drumset, but still only 2 tracks. You will not be able to get the snare on it's own track, the kick on it's own track, the toms on their own track, the overhead mics on their own tracks etc....

          But that's pretty much the story with cheaper units and the main reason why multiple input interfaces cost so much more. If you wanted 8 mic inputs, each on it's own recorded track you would have to purchase something more pricey, like the profire 26/26 or the digidesign 003R or the like.

          However, there really isn't a way to connect your mixer to the moble pre correctly. The problem with the moble pre is that it only has 1 line level input (rather silly IMO). So basically your sort of hosed here.

          What I would strongly recommend if I were you, is the purchase of a used 002R, or profire 26/26. This gets you the inputs that you will either need, or want down the road.

          Either that or give up the idea of recording with a mixer and just use the interface for 1 or 2 track recording.


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            Thanks for the info.l! You answered the question perfectly..I have some spending to do! Mixs, mixer and software.


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              I have since this posts completely turned a 180 and gone in a different direction. I have gone with Logic Pro 9 and. Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56 pre- Glad I switched!


              • Phil O'Keefe
                Phil O'Keefe commented
                Editing a comment


                Please tell us a bit about how you're using it, what you find different about the two, and the main reasons why you're happy with the switch.