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    I've GOT to find a utility that REALLY works for extracting true tempos, or better yet; something that syncs a sequencer to a WAV file, even when the tempo fluctuates.  PLEASE don't mention Sonar's Audio-Snap since I've almost snapped trying to figure it out.  All's it's done for me is waste hours of very valuable time.  I've also put like 4 threads on their forum and NO ONE helps.  So, I thought I'd come to a less product-based, and/or biased forum to try my luck.

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    What type of material are you trying to use to extract the tempo from - IOW, what's your source material?



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      Thanks for your reply Phil.  I'm importing backing tracks, instrument by instrument (all parts are on their own track).  Most of them have their own click track, but that click track may not sync up to the sequencer except for maybe the 1st 8 bars.  After that it starts to waiver.  I've also discovered that often the tempo fluctuates, so it may be 124 for 4-5 bars, then 125 for the next 4-5, then back to 124.

      When I tried to apply Sonar's Audio-Snap using the "Clip-to-Project" mode, it just does not work.  I've also got Samplitude, but unfortunately, I just don't understand the Euro approach to thangs like they do.

      I've also tried MixMeister, and a couple of other gizmo software.  None of which was really successful.

      Tnx Again,