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How many of you are using API 500 series stuff?


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  • How many of you are using API 500 series stuff?

    I have a Radial SixPack incoming... I'm curious about how many of you are using (or are interested in) 500 series modules. Also, please tell me about any particular modules you're interested in or are happy with.


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    I have an API Lunchbox (the 6-slot portable module) and an API 500V 10-module rack-mount chassis. They're loaded as follows:

    5x CAPI (Classic Audio Products of Illinois) VP26 preamps
    One empty space

    2x API 512c preamps
    2x Great River MP500-NV preamps
    1x Radial X-Amp reamper
    3 empty spaces

    So far I'm really happy with all of it. I haven't gone back and filled in the empty spaces because frankly I've reached the point where I really have more than enough for my purposes and I can't really justify spending more money on preamps or other outboard gear right now. But eventually I plan on moving the reamp module over to the Lunchbox and then most likely picking up a couple more Great River preamps to fill out the 500V.

    The CAPI preamps are surprisingly solid, especially considering the price. But there are so many good 500-series modules these days ... try some out!
    Joshua L.Decatur, AL


    • Phil O'Keefe
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      Thanks so much for the suggestions! There's a gripload of 500 series modules out there - it seems the whole pro audio industry has embraced the format, and there's a ton of stuff that you can only get in that format now, so I pretty much had to get a rack or lunchbox (the SixPack is similar to your Lunchbox) and start reviewing them - I'm definitely looking forward to checking a bunch of things out.

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    The list of invaluable UAD-2 plug-ins just keeps growing. Earlier this year, Universal Audio added the venerable API 550A and 560 EQs to the pile of must-have emulations, and I've had the pleasure of incorporating them into my mix workflow ever since. I've used quite a few original 550As and 560s over the years, and I own a pair of 550A reissues. While they are not ideal for every application, I'm very glad to now have a plug-in version as solid as Universal Audio ensures every one of its products to be.

    I'll start with the 560, because this is a lesser-known tool, being one of the very few graphic EQs trustworthy enough for recording and mixing applications. There are ten bands, each controllable by a horizontal slider offering 12 dB of cut/boost. Since the sliders on the hardware unit have to fit in the 1.5'' width of a 500-series faceplate, the resolution isn't very fine - and to boot, there is only one indicator line between 0 and each of the extremes. In that regard, the hardware 560 is kinda opposite from the 550A in terms of ease of recall. The 550A's stepped switches and small amount of parameters to adjust make it an intern's dream when it comes time to recall a session's settings.