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  • Gotta Give Props to Uli Behringer

    As many of you know, in the past I have been critical of Uli Behringer's way of conducting business. However I noticed this post from him on Facebook in the wake of Harman closing multiple offices and laying off 650 people:
    Harman laying off hundreds of people - we like to help!
    It has come to our attention that Harman is laying off 650 people.
    We like to offer help and invite everyone to apply for a meaningful and fulfilling role at MUSIC Group and join our 4,500 people Tribe.

    We at MUSIC Group believe that our employees and customers are our friends. Our sole purpose is to empower and provide them with life changing experiences.
    Please contact us on our job portal or write to heartacquglob@music-group.com

    The cynical can say talk is cheap, and maybe that's exactly what's happening...but regardless, to invite 650 people to apply for jobs is a commendable gesture.

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    I try to give people the benefit of the doubt...people can change. What are the odds with? I don't know...but at least saying the right thing is a start.
    Simplicity, my new album project, is now streamable from my YouTube channel.

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      Maybe things have changed but given this company's history, I am not sure it is something I would want to put on my resume. Unless future employers don't care.

      There are places I would rather not work and also, I have been laid off before.

      If they have truly cleaned up their acts then it's a great ways to move forward.
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        I guess we'll see how it goes. I'm going to give them a wait-and-see approach, which quite frankly is generous given their many years of cheating, stealing, and screwing people over. Regardless, I will never purchase their products.
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          I see the Uli note for what it is... a nice, not genius, but nice, pr move of the moment. There is ALWAYS a "now-hiring.. apply today" sign in the window at company xyz. Means nothing.

          Craig, you grabbed the bait imo and are now spreading the free publicity of an actual move that adds up to zero effort or promise on the part of Uli.

          If there's eventually a press release stating "Uli confirms 250 people hired who previously worked for Harman"..... well.....I'd still not know exactly how anyone would verify it. But it would be a more meaningful statement.

          This sort of reminds me of a funny sign I often see at one of those dingy car lots I pass in LA......"WE FINANCE ANYONE ! (oac)


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            The Uli of today is probably pretty much the Uli that started the company, but the company is very different today from when they made their (in)fame and fortune by making direct copies of someone else's hardware. Their largest facility today is a pretty big campus in China where they do design, engineering, and manufacturing. I don't know what kind of jobs Crown had in Elkhart, but the engineering jobs that Behringer has are likely in China. That might not be too attractive an offer for some. Others might jump at the chance.
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