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How Do You Mix? Seems the DAW Has Eliminated Traditional Mixing


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    It`s impossible not to mix the technical and creative side when working alone. You have to wear two hats so the mixing comes in the moment you put the mic up.


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      I have 2 modes of recording : ensemble and overdub. When recording an ensemble, I concentrate primarily on mic and gobo placement, helping to dial in individual sounds and getting good levels from every source; mixing only happens here in the context of setting up monitor mixes for the cans. This is unrelated to what's recorded because I don't monitor thru the DAW or audio interface (other than a feed of rough 'idea tracks' and possibly a drum click.

      When overdubbing, I need something coherent enough to play along with, so I continually mix as I go. For a final mix I generally discard this 'monitor mix' and start over so my mix is not influenced by what I needed to hear to record new parts well.

      So, I suppose in both cases I treat mixing as a separate step. Mostly.
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        Originally posted by MikeRivers View Post
        I think you mean you no longer understand the concept of limited tracks. Or maybe you mean that you lost track of the tracks and now you're on track again, working toward a mix of 16 tracks.
        Yes, that is what I was meaning to say.
        I think it takes serious discipline being a musician and having your own recording environment. Like a doctor addicted to medicine or a chef addicted to eating.
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