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The Zukerberg/Nickelback/Lavigne Flap

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  • The Zukerberg/Nickelback/Lavigne Flap

    Read all about it:



    Now I have to admit although I'm sure I've heard Nickelback songs, I can't place any of them. However, I saw their lead guitarist play at a Songwriter's Hall of Fame show in NYC a couple years ago, and he was really good - tasteful, and flawless technique. So I don't know if their songs are any good, but there's at least one really good musician in the band.

    I realize "everyone's a critic," and I get the humor, but Zuckerberg is coming across more and more like an ass these days on several fronts. I suspect he may be the subject of a "how the mighty have fallen" profile in 10 years. Or maybe he'll be president
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    Advil looks hot.
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      While I never bought any Nickleback, I don't think they were terrible. They were very successful and sold a lot of records.
      I know that alone doesn't make them great musicians, but they definitely had impact.


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        Well Nickelback have been a running joke for quite some time now. They obviously have a lot of fans because they have sold millions of albums. But for many people they were the epitimy of bland, corporate, cheesy, overproduced, soulless, rock music that came out of the late nineties. And they were one of the worst offenders of the loudness wars.

        I think the main criticism was that they were light weights trying to cash in on the grunge sound. It's not necessarily their fault that they got singled out because there were dozens of other artificial grunge bands just like them (like Creed for example) but they became the poster boys for what some people considered to be selling out. But you know I think some of their fans can understand the criticism and even laugh along with the joke.

        It's kind of like high school. Some bands are cool and some bands are uncool and Nickelback were definitely uncool if you know what I mean. But hey if you like their music (I don't particularly like it myself) then what does it matter? I've liked a lot of uncool music all my life.
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          Originally posted by 1001gear View Post
          Advil looks hot.
          Advil or Tylenol?


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            Just Advil

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          I'd like to have a Jarvis in my car and my house that wouldn't play Christmas music.
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            Looks like there is an entire Industry of Nickelback jokes now:






            Even though they are laughing all the way to the bank you got to feel a little sorry for them.