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Musician Leon Russell Dies Aged 74

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  • Musician Leon Russell Dies Aged 74


    According to his website and facebook page, American musician and songwriter Leon Russell has died at the age of 74.
    The artist, who is best known for the songs "Shine a Light" and "A Song for You" died in Nashville on Sunday.
    “His wife said that he passed away in his sleep,” a statement posted on Russell’s website read.

    Russell was inducted into both the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame and the Songwriter's Hall of Fame in 2011.
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    He could transition from rock to country to soul to blues as seamlessly as anyone I ever heard or saw, and with complete credibility. He was a Giant in my view....RIP Leon...RIP...


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      this is pretty good..

      we were all young once

      (i like hari's 'stack' of fender champs next to clapton's big dual showman)
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        From his stellar work as a session musician (including a member of the Wrecking Crew), to his work with Joe Cocker, to his Solo Career the music was always top-notch. I know he also sang and played guitar, but his piano work was never less than brilliant. Thanks for the eargasms Leon.

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            I loved this BB King song. Leon's fingerprints can be heard clearly on this song (can fingerprints be heard ?) . I think he makes the song with his piano playing on this one. I will also say that like Dr. John, I didn't like him as a singer. I loved him as the wizard behind the curtain.


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