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Do You Care about Virtual Reality Redux?

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  • Do You Care about Virtual Reality Redux?

    VR has been around for a long. The initial forays made me feel like I was trapped in a Commodore-64. However, the theme at AES was audio for augmented reality and VR. We have a lot of push for VR out in the world of CTWTMM Companies That Want To Make Money), and I saw some pretty flashy stuff at AES. Yet, I can't help but wonder whether there's a demand for VR that manufacturers are scrambling to meet, or whether manufacturers are scrambling to create a demand for VR...

    How about you?
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    I wouldn't mind 3D audio. The rest is the ultimate blinders.
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      First of all, I experienced VR for the first time not so long ago at the Annenberg Space for Photography in Los Angeles, and it was stunning how it really transported you to specific places, and how you could look around wherever you wanted. I like the possibility for experimentation, virtually visiting a place, simulation for a whole host of things (medical/healthcare, surgery, diagnostics, construction, sports, and on and on), science, film, and who knows what else. So I don't even know if we've quite figured out all the applications for music. But I wouldn't dismiss this if you only think of the holodeck or something like that. I really think the uses are limitless.

      Virtual reality has been around for a long time. Thing is for the longest time, it was ugly. Computer technology has caught up as well, of course, but so much of it in the early '90s was just plain ugly.
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        As a life long occupant of the real 3D reality, I have to say I greatly prefer the real one over the virtual one. I guess it depends a great deal on how crappy your personal real reality is; I'm sure there are people who need to escape their reality. I'm pretty happy with mine.


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          I have to agree with Ken - I think there's a wide range of possible uses for VR. And the demonstration I saw at AES was pretty impressive.

          If it really catches fire with gamers, then I think it will gain enough momentum to where it will have time and opportunity to be developed and used for other things. And as computers get faster and faster, the ugliness and vertigo and other issues of early VR systems will become a thing of the past too.

          I'm pretty excited about it actually. It will be interesting to watch it develop and see the creative ways it gets utilized.

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