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Here we go again - Bruno Mars accused of lifting Uptown Funk

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  • Here we go again - Bruno Mars accused of lifting Uptown Funk

    The Sequence says he lifted Uptown Funk from their 1979 song Funk You Up.



    The Sequence - Funk You Up

    Bruno Mars - Uptown Funk

    So what do you think? Is it copyright infringement or not? And if it is, then what about the previous song (The Gap Band's - Oops Upside Your Head) that claimed infringement and that resulted in 17 percent of Uptown Funk's royalties being given to its writers? How many songs can one song infringe upon?

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    I thought it was lifted from Jungle Love by The Time.


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      I don't know. I don't hear the similarity right off.

      I'm amazed at how '80s Bruno's song sounds.
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        Is this supposed to be a joke?

        April fools is more than a month away.
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          Sounds to me like a standard 2-chord funk progression that any group of friends might riff to on a Saturday afternoon jam session. I don't know if I'd call it a ripoff - more of a standard. How many songs have used that same 2-chord progression since the beginning of time?
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            I don`t hear the similarities… Uptown Funk is a pretty good tune btw… Bruno Mars is probably the most talented performer that I`ve seen since MJ. And his last record is pretty darn good too. He's an easy target right now because he's raking it in using old school sounds.


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              Truth to tell, the "Blurred Lines/Got To Give It Up" fiasco has got everyone seeing *green* for all the wrong reasons.
              Forensically speaking, ANY musician worth their education could tell that those two songs MAY have sounded similar, but were still two totally different beasts, just like Sweet Home Alabama and Werewolf Of London.


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                The only similarity I see is in the lyric phrase "funk you up".

                Musically I don't see any connection: the two songs have different grooves, different tunes, and different structures - in as far as the Sequence tune even has a structure.

                And they have a completely different "vibe". Uptown Funk has a bright, infectious groove that makes me want to get up and dance. Funk You Up is boring from start to finish - it makes me want to turn it off.

                I was singing along to Uptown Funk the first time I heard it, whereas I just listened to Funk You Up a moment ago and already I can't remember the tune at all.

                Regarding Oops Upside Your Head, I can definitely hear a similarity with some of the end section of Uptown Funk. 17% royalties seems reasonable because I think that's roughly what percentage of Uptown Funk is similar but the rest is different.