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    I received a copy of Electronics Musician in the mail Yesterday. I read the article about the latest versions of Ozone 6 and Ozone Advanced.
    Its good to see they are moving in the right direction finally revamping that program so it can become a serious mastering program. It has some new features including being able to run it as a stand alone program, and the best thing they did besides cleaning up its clunky GUI is to add third party plug in capabilities. Ozone does have some decent tools, but the tools have not been easy to manipulate. Now if you don't like the results you're getting with their limiter, just plug your favorite in there and away you go.

    I'm not sure these changes are enough to make me want to go out an purchase it. I have two older versions and the best use for them I've found was using it in a drum buss. I still prefer to use a stand alone editor program and get all the final touch up work using a highly visible screen of the wave form. I've grown accustomed to seeing how the wave form changes when things like Brick wall limiting is done. I don't want to wind up crushing all the peaks so having that visual acuity to assist my ears is a safety net.

    When I've use Ozone in the past and the presets aren't even in the ballpark of how they should be setup. Used as is you wind up with an over mastered file with a weak signal strength.
    I always have to work hard revamp the parameters the way they should be used.

    The work flow is closer to what you need, much like a windows desktop and you can move the plugin order around instead of having a fixed order. This should help to make it more flexible, especially if they have improved the actual tool GUI. Some of them on the older versions were as bad as some old cakewalk plugins. Maybe they can even let you change the colors? Black is so boarding and actually depressing when you have to work with it for long periods of time.

    They have dumped a few of the plugis like reverb which was quite useless on the old versions to make space and clean up the code. They have an advanced version as well which has a few extra items. It said something about multiple song capture which may make mastering and entire album easier. I'd actually have to download the demo version and see how good those features may be. Allot of companies claim thy can do something but you wind up saying screw that because it winds up being ten times more labor intensive.