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All My Christmases Have Come At Once

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  • All My Christmases Have Come At Once

    I discovered last night that my version of PreSonus Studio One came with Melodyne. Doh! All I had to do was enter a code and it became available for me to use

    I now know how to use it

    The world is a wonderful place

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    Melodyne is awesome!

    Terry D.
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      My views on Melodyne (Studio) may soon be forthcoming... a couple days before NY, I took advantage of one of Cakewalk's relatively rare blow-outs and upgraded my 'old' Sonar 8.5 Pro (bought at the end of its product cycle for cheap) to X3. From what I can tell, I dodged a lot of bullets by skipping X1, X2, and the first releases of X3. (Touch wood, it seems to run quite well on my year old quadcore/8GB i5 W7 cheapo box. Did I say touch wood? I haven't put it through all the paces yet.)

      It came with a bunch of new toys (but I'm STILL missing the 32 bit DX Timeworks CompressorX that came with Sonar 2 a dozen years ago but couldn't be brought [by me, anyhow] into W7's 64 bit enviro). Lounge Lizard is my new fave. (Although I probably could be 90% as happy with the old free Mr Ray73 I've used for years.) And, though I've only scratched the surface, Addictive Drums looks pretty useful, if limited by the 3 kits in the 'throw-in' version in Sonar. With new kits at $80 apiece (looks like), I guess I'll be working what I have for the foreseeable future. (Fair enough. Not kvetching about 'free.')

      But, I have to admit, I'm at least intrigued by the inclusion of Melodyne ARA (have to dig a little more into this ARA thing, too).

      My position on tuning is that I have no problem with such 'cheats' -- I use overdubs, punches, comps, slide notes back and forth in the timeline -- but the all-too frequent obviousness of early A-T and Melodyne use frequently left either the 'sore thumb' wrenchmarks of distorted formant shifts of A-T or that soft but mewly squirrelyness I associate with early Melodyne processing.

      That said, I've seen what happens when extra attention is made to tuning a (skilled but not necessarily well-rehearsed) jazz singer and even A-T could be used in such a way as to minimize the chance of perceivable artifacts.

      I'm hoping I'll be able to get something usable for me out of Melodyne. My problem is that some days I find pitch problems to be MUCH more obvious... but often, minor (and sometimes not so minor) pitch indiscretions float right by me until those days when my ears are on their game. The human hearing system is a remarkable, ever-changing thing...

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        I try to sing as in tune as I possibly can and then apply pitch correction where I'm way off. If I'm somewhere near the mark I just leave it

        Hopefully I don't sound too robotic on my latest tune 'One Minute'
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