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WHAT CAN I DO TO IMPROVE?! I am almost giving up after 16 years of singing :(


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  • WHAT CAN I DO TO IMPROVE?! I am almost giving up after 16 years of singing :(

    I have been singing like this all my life, and I will be making a lot of cover songs in the future.

    How can my technique be improved? I feel that my falsetto could be greatly improved, so I just scream at the end.

    Please check out my first youtube cover in my video and give me some constructive feedback.


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    i really can't comment since I didn't click on your link


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      It´s not spam. Check it in every virus thingy you want. This is a youtube clip. Alternatively, you can search for QUAKKO on youtube
      (jingle bells)

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    That's quite.. interesting. Sounds just like Donald Duck. How does your normal speaking voice sound like?
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      Well, I speak normally ;but when I sing I get this voice.

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    No feedback yet


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      Copying Disney isn't going to get you success.... might get you sued, I suppose


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        In another 16 years I think you'll have it down...keep up the good work!


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          To improve your singing, I would stay off the message boards and practice, practice, practice.
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            Why waste our time with these asinine threads?


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              OK, I gave it a listen. very impressive. I really don't know what you can do to improve it, it's perfect just the way it is


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                What a waste of time.
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                  And I'm not clicking on that link 'cause I don't want to be hacked by the North Koreans.
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