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  • Carol Kaye Talks About Life, The Universe, and Everything

    She don't need no stinkin' Auto Tune.

    Watch this when you have plenty of time. It's a bit over an hour long, and it's all good, and often feisty. Impressive, too, how comfortable she is playing musical examples throughout the video.
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    Originally posted by MikeRivers View Post

    She don't need no stinkin' Auto Tune.
    Yeah, but she needs a pickup and an amp. Not to mention FRETS to keep her in playing in tune! REAL bass players play stand up.
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      Not to mention she's also been punched in to fix things on occasion. I love Carol, but she's not infallible. None of us are... and all kinds of editing and "fixing" has been going on since the dawn of multitrack recording. AutoTune is hardly the first means of correcting mistakes utilized by recording engineers.

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        Mike thanks so much for posting this..My lord what a musician! she's got more talent in her little finger(Left hand) than I do in both of my bodys! quite a fascinating Broad eh? Brassy, confident, completely professional. great video...Wish she was my Granma!!


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          Baffling and inspiring... thanks for the post...
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