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Ever Feel Like Software Is Out To Get You?


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  • Ever Feel Like Software Is Out To Get You?

    Around 4 months ago I upgraded EZ drummer 1 to Version 2… still not able to get it to work. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing. Still not working.

    Around 2 months ago I opened up Finale 2014 and started to enter notes, the program crashed. It does this every time now. I went to the Finale forum and posted, some Finale guru was unable to help out. I looked on the Finale website for help, the site is telling me I need the latest version to get help. I have the latest version! I then called Finale, they were having a meeting and no tech support was available.

    Lately, I`ve been having trouble with Adobe Reader… on 3 different computers…

    Ever feel like software has a personality that just wants to screw with you???

    I`m ready to throw my computers off a very tall building.

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    Anyone? no?

    I`m going to throw these things off a very very, I mean very tall building.
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      It's artificial intelligence and it is out to get you.
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        Yeah, Ernest, I feel your pain. I'll close out Sonar and not touch that computer for a day or two. Then power up, load up, and....it can't find a sample set...it hangs on loading...I get the blue screen....some VST freezes....it can't find my interface....something. All my inspiration drains out my ears while I fart with it and get it all going again, usually not ever knowing exactly what caused the problem.

        But I'll say this - it's still these days, a lot better than it was say, 10 or 15 years ago. Back then, even simple MIDI setups would somehow lose their brains between power down and power up. And I'm a minor PC guru of sorts...build my own machines, used to write programs, troubleshoot all the family and friend's setups....PCs are born to trouble for sure, but!!

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          Originally posted by Ernest Buckley View Post

          Ever feel like software has a personality that just wants to screw with you???

          I`m ready to throw my computers off a very tall building.
          Sadly, yes, numerous times. And people wonder why I hold on to a computer for a long time when it does operate well!!
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            Software is always out to get me, and as soon as I think I've got it down pat, something comes along that makes me upgrade, change, or replace it. Hardware, on the other hand, has limited functionality but you know what it is and it won't change. That's why I like to use it whenever possible.

            Hardware that depends on software is another story, though. It's pretty hard to avoid these days, and about the best you can do is assure that you're happy with it when you buy it. Sometimes it can get better with software updates, but there's nearly alway s glitch or two with every update, some of which get fixed with another update, some never get fixed because the manufacturer thinks they're important features.

            With hardware, you have to clean pots, switches, connectors, and the tape path, some things need adjustment periodically, and you occasionally have to replace tubes or other failed circuit components. But when something does go wrong, there's a straightforward way of diagnosing the problem. That's not the case with software. And sometimes software/hardware devices require a firmware update for the new software to run, and they rarely provide you with a procedure to reload the original firmware and go back to the old version of software if the update doesn't work or isn't to your liking.

            But consider the poor software sellers. Software doesn't wear out so they have to keep selling you something new. The first few updates are free, but then . . . .
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              Originally posted by Ernest Buckley View Post
              Anyone? no?

              I`m going to throw these things off a very very, I mean very tall building.
              A sloping building, perchance?
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                Software has something called a critical need detection algorithm built in. It senses when you need the software the most, and that's when it develops the critical errors that waste days of your life just when you are under the most pressure to get things done.


                Actually, I wonder why we put up with the bugs in software.

                Would we accept that from a new car? Let me see, I'm pulling on the freeway, wait, blue screen of death, turn the car off, wait 10 seconds and reboot. That semi headed towards you at 70mph will understand.


                While you were out, a small power surge locked up your refrigerator, it turned off, and now all your food is spoiled.


                I got this brand new top of the line saxophone, but every now and then, usually in the middle of a great improvised solo, it locks up and plays only one note, no matter which keys I press down.

                You get the idea. We would not tolerate these errors, but a new version of our OS, Pro Tools, Word Processor or whatever comes out and there are severe bugs in it, and for some reason we don't demand a full refund of our money.


                I don't either.

                And I can't figure it out.

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                  We are all the Slaves of the Machinations we we fool ourselves into thinking we are the masters of....

                  Oh...and then there's women..but that's a whole different thread.


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                    While I'm not willing to let applications completely off the hook, the computer hardware and operating systems are a huge factor. This used to be a major point of differentiation between Mac and Windows, where the Mac was very tightly controlled and Windows was basically high-tech anarchy. The Mac hardware is still quite predictable, however I hear so many developers complain about "Apple changing the goal posts" and making OS changes that require significant fixes that they're getting disenchanted, particularly iOS developers who feel like they're expected to provide a free update to their customers every time there's a change past the first decimal point.

                    Windows is reasonably good about backwards compatibility, but the hardware situation is a mess. I've been hyper-aware of this since spending time on the SONAR forums, where threads start off as "SONAR is garbage! Doesn't do [name function]" followed a string of posts along the lines of "I dunno, works for me, I do that all the time" mixed with "same thing happened to me!" posts. Eventually someone hauls out DPC latency checker, and finds some auto-installed process from a graphics card manufacturer or whatever is totally screwing up their system for streaming real-time audio.

                    With Windows, there have been so many "[name of software] sucks" threads in so many forums where the user ultimately ends up happy due to weeding out crap in the OS. Sometimes all it takes is disabling one service to go from unusable to smooth as silk, but you can't help but feel sorry for the person who has no clue where to look and just wants to make music. For Apple, the situation is a little different because while it's more likely the software will work initially, if it doesn't, finding a workaround is a lot more difficult, if indeed it's possible at all.

                    I don't know what the solution is. Apple is better than Microsoft on emphasizing streaming audio in real time, but Windows machines are easier to hot rod if you want that extra performance factor. The fact is as audio professionals, or even amateurs, we largely don't matter to either company...
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                      I usually, if ever see glitches when MS does their upgrades. It may be because they are uploading in the background while the computers being used. A reboot after they are installed usually fixes the issues. I don't network my DAW so its always stable. The glitches a I do get are usually resource related, having worked too long on a project without saving it.

                      That happened to me last weekend, I spent about an hour and a half putting the final touches on a mix and had it perfectly balanced. Wouldn't you know it, I got a freeze just as I was getting ready to hit the save button. Its like It knew I had everything set just right and it denied me from keeping that mix. I had to start over from my last save point which meant rebuilding all my plugin settings. I doubt I got it exactly the same as I had it though. I was burnt out hearing that song so I put it aside for another day when my ears would be fresh again.


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                        I never upgrade the OS on an old computer.

                        After reading posts for years (and magazine articles before that) I'm convinced that the cutting edge is also the bleeding edge. When I get a new computer I'll go to the newest OS, the computer will be built for it, and there will be no leftover garbage on the machine. I've got two 8.1 computers and have no problems with them.

                        I also make a hard drive image before installing or upgrading any app on my computer. Whether it's a music app or office app or anything else, (including those Windows updates). This has saved my bottom more than once.

                        I remember buying a guitar pedal that came with a free Cubase LE. I always wondered about Cubase so I installed it. The installation routine didn't finish but locked the computer up. Then every time I tried to reboot the computer, it would ask for the CD, which I would insert, and it would do the same thing. Ignoring the please insert the CD made things even worse for the computer.

                        So I restored the HD (I was using Ghost back then) tried again with the same results, restored the HD once again and flipped the CD in the trash.

                        I've had other upgrades screw up my computers but Ghost or now Acronis has always saved the day. But when I think about it, I haven't had those need-to-restore problems very often.

                        I've had PCs since Dos 5/Win 3.1, Apple from Sys 6 to OSX, and even an old Atari ST. I believe when I got my Atari Craig was editor of Electronic Musician magazine (Late 1980s). I was working on a cruise ship and someone turned me on to the mag. I learned a lot about MIDI and computers back then.

                        All in all software crashes have been minimal and although I exaggerated in my earlier post, it was done mostly for fun.

                        I quit Apple when they went to Intel chips. I like the OS just fine, but in addition to being a pro musician, I write aftermarket styles for Band-in-a-Box, and both BiaB and the StyleMaker app on the PC is light years better than they are on Mac. BiaB styles have been 100% cross platform now, so I don't need a Mac anymore. Nothing against them, I let the software I use the most choose my computer OS.

                        When I'm gigging with my duo, I use 3 ThinkPads (I only need two). If worst comes to worse and I lose two, I can get a replacement anywhere. However, since 2002 when I started using ThinkPads on stage, I've had to go to the spare computer only 3 times. Since I do one nighters and they bounce on the keyboard stand all night, that's a good track record. In fact, one of the 2002 ThinkPads is still working every night on stage. That's good hardware.

                        So back up every night, and before changing anything on your computer, do a fresh HD image. So when that 'critical detection algorithm' I mentioned in my last post rears it's ugly head, you'll have a life preserver.

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                          Solution:- Use the stuff that works, ditch the stuff that doesn't. We're creatives - if it doesn't work when it's powered on, use something else. Tech time and creative time shouldn't ever overlap.
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                            Originally posted by gubu View Post
                            Solution:- Use the stuff that works, ditch the stuff that doesn't. We're creatives - if it doesn't work when it's powered on, use something else. Tech time and creative time shouldn't ever overlap.

                            I have enough here to start my own computer museum.

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                              Just for the record guys, I did not upgrade the OS on any of my Apples. I`m having trouble on all 3 computers at this time… Adobe Reader is pretty grumpy on all 3 machines. My studio iMac doesn`t like the EZ Drummer upgrade and lately, my laptop likes to give me that spinning wheel from time to time…

                              Not sure what the issue is but its frustrating because not one machine is at 100%.