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Uh-oh...late for the housewarming?


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    I'm already late to the party.

    Could someone pass me a blueberry muffin? Where's the milk?

    Originally posted by Japetus
    Sweet...welcome. What do you do for a living. What gear do you use?

    I'm not going to pretend to be able to answer this question for Craig, but as he may not be here for a while, here's a short summary.

    Craig's been writing for magazines aimed at musicians for several decades. His "Electronic projects for musicians" book is one of the only ubiquitous books in our little niche industry (Along with Dan Erlewine's guitar repair books and the Yamaha Sound Reinforcement book in Pro Audio Circles.)

    He is, perhaps, the first call for equipment reviews of keyboard, music software, and other MI retail products because of his reputation for really fleshing out the features, pluses and negatives of a product.

    In addition, he's written or edited manuals for the gear manufacturers.

    And, he's a darn good musician, too.

    I'm sure Craig can fill in any details of what he uses. The list has shrunk lately as he had a moving sale that had to be perused to be believed.
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      There's a new Mexico????
      Super 8

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        Congrats, Craig! New Mexico, eh? Beautiful place - I always liked visiting there. Stay cool!


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          oops - double post


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            Welcome to the neighborhood, Craig! Well, almost - I'm up in the musical hot bed of Lamy.

            You just passing through New Mexico or are you planning on staying?



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              Wait... did I read that correctly? Craig: You're moving to New Mexico??

              Yah! Now you can come visit us in LA more often, right?

              Ms. Valky
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                Originally posted by valkyriesound
                Wait... did I read that correctly? Craig: You're moving to New Mexico??

                Yah! Now you can come visit us in LA more often, right?

                Ms. Valky

                That and he probably won't see another Hurricane blowing his neighborhood apart.
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                  After last year (being at ground zero for at least two hurricanes), I'd be worried that the hurricanes are going to follow me to NM if I was you Craig... I think they like you or something.

                  Seriously, congrats on the new digs Craig - virtual and physical.

                  And Valky's right - now that you're closer, you'll have to come out for the annual west coast BBQ's.

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                    Phil, why should Craig change now? He has been using dial up for years, Unless something changed while I was gone?

                    He was always a test ground for us for dial up users!

                    Craig, I hear NM is great! I hope you get settled in fast.
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                      Originally posted by valkyriesound
                      Wait... did I read that correctly? Craig: You're moving to New Mexico??

                      Past tense... has moved.

                      Out of the wet and into the dry. And nearly into our time zone, too!

                      - Jeff
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                        mmmm... now that's some good coffee! Great to have you here, Craig!


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                          Originally posted by Tedster
                          If'n you Detroit folks have a gathering, let me know. I get up that way from time to time. I'm originally from Port Huron.

                          I used to play in Port Huron area all the time back in the 70's. Always stayed at the Blue Water Bridge Motel! Played Viking Lanes in Marysville a lot and also Lee's Garage in Port Huron until it burnt down.
                          many, many years ago....
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                            New Mexico...No Hurricanes...sigh...


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                              By the way, pass a couple of the Bran Muffins please...I want to be one of the "Regulars"


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                                Thanks for the coffee, muffins, and fruit. Yup, I got here late Monday, the place is a disaster, the movers broke just about everything EXCEPT for my studio...I had the presence of mind to schlep it myself in a U Haul. Probably the best decision I ever made

                                To answer misc. questions...

                                Yes, New Mexico -- Santa Fe and staying here for a least a while. Didn't come here to avoid the hurricanes, it's more like coming home I lived here for a while just before my daughter was born. It's a special place and a great cultural vibe. My house is backed up against the Sangre de Cristo mountains with a beautiful view of the sunset !!

                                Phil, I'm on temp dial up but broadband is forthcoming.

                                For anyone who wants an excruciatingly long and boring bio to find out all the stuff I've done over the years, surf on over to http://www.craiganderton.com. And yes, it IS true that I once played a bit part in an Italian detective movie, as well as played Carnegie Hall...

                                As to the gear I use, it's a whole bunch o' stuff that will become obvious as I post more. I'm a huge fan of Paul Reed Smith guitars, the Peavey DPM-3 keyboard, Panasonic DA7 mixer, Sonar, Reason, Creamware's SCOPE system, homemade computers, Windows XP and Mac OS X, hardware controllers...the list goes on.
                                Simplicity, my new album project, is now streamable from my YouTube channel.

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