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Effects on "Jeff"

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  • Effects on "Jeff"

    So I was listening to Jeff Beck's "Jeff," specifically, "Why Lord, oh Why?" and was blown away by the guitar playing (of course!!) but also by the tasteful use of effects. Anyone know if Jeff Beck programs his own, or does he have a Sound Dude (or Dudette) who does it for him? Or maybe a relationship with an engineer who works with him? I'm really curious...
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    Not sure, but I really enjoy the fact that Jeff Beck doesn't ever stand still (in music terms)..he's always trying to take things to the next level.
    It's hard to find an area that Mr. Beck hasn't covered.

    Speaking of which, I still haven't mailed that dam Blow By Blow CD to bluestrat.
    I've gotta get that thing in the mail.
    I'll have to send him some cash, too...just for having to wait for eons. End of an era? That's not good, bluestrat can now say it took an "era" to get that damn CD from stranger.
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      I couldn't tell you that. It would be interesting to know. My keyboard player worked back stage for him in the 80'a at a show or 2. He over heard the gutar tech asking were his rack stuff was and he pulled out a Phase 45, and said that it was right here. I get the impression he doesn't like a lot of stuff in his signal path.
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        I only heard "Jeff" once but I am pretty sure he's been using the same gear as on "You had it coming". Snarling Dogs Whin-o wah and Maestro Ring mod with a newer Marshall.
        I think one of the chaps from Apollo 440 does some or all of the computer jockey filler.
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          Originally posted by Anderton
          does he have a Sound Dude (or Dudette) who does it for him? Or maybe a relationship with an engineer who works with him? I'm really curious...
          It's usually the engineer imposing that as Jeff hates most pedals and rarely uses any.
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