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  • Can you believe this?

    Skateboarder Sues Utility Over Manhole Branding

    Sometimes the answer is in the clue.

    There are two ways to argue with a woman. Neither one works.

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    I'm not really clear on the nature of this manhol(in terms of where the plate was, was it publicly accessible, was it protected/shielded, was there a warning posted,how hot do those things get?)

    I mean, we aren't talking about an impact injury, but a burn

    I guess I'd need to see more about the wole deal


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      I was wondering the same things, Paul.

      It's made to sound like this was a manhole cover in the street. If that is the case, then it should never have been possible for the cover to get hot enough to burn someone so rapidly. Even in the heat most of the country is experiencing now.
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        What in the hell was she doing skateboarding on a street? She'd probably have sued if she had been stupid enought to ride into a storm drain grate.
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          Better to be branded by a man hole than a glory hole .


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            Originally posted by Dylan Walters
            Better to be branded by a man hole than a glory hole .

            That would probably depend on who you ask!

            Although, I'm kind of undecided...

            I mean... you can wash one of them off

            but the memory would haunt you.

            or you could be scarred for life...physically


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              A lot of folks would think that was cool, to have the word "ON" branded on their left buttcheek. Now, perhaps she'll want "OFF" branded on her right...
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                Bump. This thread is just too much fun to let die.


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                  "It literally looked like a brand that had been applied by someone,"

                  Well, let's see: there was her, and then there was the manhole cover. Unless the manhole cover is alive, then I guess that only leaves one possibility.

                  Frelling idiots like this are why I'm in favor of flogging in the public square.
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