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Craig's SSS refugees - Sound Off!


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    Reporting for service.
    Unfortunately, Im blocked at work and will not be able to lurk or sound off nearly as often.
    Carry on.
    Psst... Wanna check out some free tunes?


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      hmmm. apparently "Is there bass in the car-R-R-R-R-R" is too long of a user name for this forum...


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        Fendercaster here!
        Well, I made it through the portal. Got a little roughed up, but fine otherwise. Gee, even though this is only my second post on HC, I've got seniority over a lot of you other refugees. Signed up here a couple of years ago, and have .000000001 posts per day! (or something like that)
        I'm glad to see so many of you have made the trip, I hope the atmosphere will be as nice as it was in our old hometown!
        I did a Google search on the letter "e".......the whole internet froze up.

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          As usual, I have nothing to offer.


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            Oh geez you guys... we keep bantering on like this and they'll give us swirlies and trash us for sure

            __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________

            It's funny how nowadays the only decent metal around is the theme music for a cartoon that makes fun of metal bands.


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              Will this new registration let me keep the four posts I had here? Slowly
              P.S. Fix my post count, this is #5 Thank You!
              Here I go again on my own!
              My Friends Band


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                I'm here nice to see so many familiar peops...


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                  Salutations bruthas and sistas!

                  Am I late?
                  Where in the HELL am I?


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                    Here too. Well the ex Ed in West LA that is...


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                      It was a bit of a pain in the you-know-what getting signed up and changing the default password to something I can remember, but alas, here I am... now I can continue bugging you guys about recording pipe organs, hah!

                      Nice to see most everyone made it!

                      PS: No avatars? I feel naked without my avatar!!
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                        Originally posted by FrankieP
                        whoa...where am I???

                        I'm hip. Sometimes, it feels like I'm in A Wal-Mart.
                        I've upped my standards; now, up yours.

                        Originally Posted by coyote-1

                        A soul, waiting to go to God, wanted a turkey sandwich.


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                          Originally posted by offramp:
                          Originally posted by FrankieP:
                          whoa...where am I???

                          I'm hip. Sometimes, it feels like I'm in A Wal-Mart.

                          "Wake Up Neo.... The Matrix Has You......"


                          Enthusiasm powers the world.

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                            I'm here and I used to be an accountant....


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                              This is great! It's like a family reunion, even though we all just saw each other a few days (or hours) ago!

                              Too damn much smiling going on around here. I'm all choked up.

                              I think I'll print out these pages for future perusal.

                              Welcome home, everybody. There's beer and iced tea in the fridge.

                              -Tim from Jersey
                              Originally Posted by MattACaster : *Runs 2 blocks down the street to Guitar Center, grabs detuned Schecter off the wall, plugs into Line6 Spider and proceeds to bring teh brootalz*


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                                I've been here two weeks waiting for you guys.

                                Almost got into a couple of fights trying to hold our table. Thanks for finally showing up!!!

                                BTW, as far as the bill is concerned, I only had a salad... and some water.