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Craig's SSS refugees - Sound Off!

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  • Craig's SSS refugees - Sound Off!

    Alright, you maggots...

    Who's here and who do we still have to kidnap from MP in the dead of night? Who's going to cage Wewus and drag him back here (if he can avoid being banned - again!)?

    C'mon, you maggots - sing out!

    -Tim from Jersey
    Originally Posted by MattACaster : *Runs 2 blocks down the street to Guitar Center, grabs detuned Schecter off the wall, plugs into Line6 Spider and proceeds to bring teh brootalz*

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    Sound off!
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      Uhhh, after I found my old login, that is.


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        Well, I can't be DC anymore because they want you to have at least three letters, so I'm just D Charles now.
        <div class="signaturecontainer">-David <br />
        <br />
        (the artist formally known as DC before the move to HC)</div>


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          Present but not accounted for.
          <div class="signaturecontainer">Still Kickin' cancer's ass....<br><br><a target="_blank" href="http://www.bwsvw.org">Blue Water Sailors of the Vietnam War</a><br><br>HCGB Trooper #246<br><br>Psalm 19 Society<br><br><div class="bbcode_quote"><br><div class="quote_container"><br><div class="bbcode_quote_container"></div><br><br>I can't really imagine experiencing the desire for multiple women; one has proven to be taxing enough as it is.<br><br></div><br></div><br></div>Thanks Offy


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            I resent being called a maggot ... I am a midge, and that's completely different!

            I am, however, glad to be here ... or anywhere.

            It'll be nice to see the avatars up again. Sounds like that should be happening soon.


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              The stranger is in da house, fools!
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                My old name, my old login. Can't decide if I'm gonna change it yet...
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                  I guess I'm here,I think.This reminds me of my very first day of Kindergarden when my parents had to drag me all the way there.
                  <div class="signaturecontainer">&quot;If Obama wins a second term I will leave the forum&quot;. - Visconti</div>


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                    <div class="signaturecontainer">AMATEUR HACK/BAND NERD <img src="http://img3.harmony-central.com/acapella/ubb/redface.gif" border="0" alt="" title="Embarrassment" class="inlineimg" /></div>


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                      Originally posted by franknputer

                      My old name, my old login. Can't decide if I'm gonna change it yet...

                      Keep it.

                      It's just like old times.


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                        I wish everyone would keep the same name.... I feel so confused sometimes.....
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                          The poster formally know as dman present and accounted for.


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                              I'm here! And I still hate all of you as much as I did before.