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    R U Ready?

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    I M. R U?
    Originally posted by Metzger
    Our need for affirmation is so strong that every Sunday morning, we gather in a nice fancy building to sing atheist songs, read atheist literature, and celebrate our atheist fellowship, for over an hour. The head atheist of our club gives a 15 minute lecture on some aspect of God's non-existence. The service is very ritualized, to psychologically cement our atheism.

    About halfway through the service, the children are excused for Atheist School, where they are taught atheist fables, like the one about Jean-Paul Sarte converting a priest to atheism.

    Meanwhile, we circulate a collection plate, so we can raise funds for various atheist causes, primarily the improvement and expansion of our fancy atheism building. Of course, we donate a certain amount to poor people so we can feel good about ourselves and our atheism.

    If one of our atheist congregation starts wavering in his disbelief of God, we encourage him to schedule a meeting with one of our elder members, so that we can bolster his struggling non-belief in God.

    If we didn't affirm our atheism in this fashion on a weekly basis, there is no telling what sorts of unorthodox thoughts might seep into our heads.

    "No amount of evidence will ever persuade an idiot." Mark Twain

    Originally posted by Rico Suave
    Hah!...11-5 so far that being a liberal is worse than a rapist...the truth rings loudly!


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      Originally posted by Reasonable Man
      I M. R U?

      U R ready?

      for the show!?

      R U ready?