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Condolences to our buddy Daklander and his family...

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  • Condolences to our buddy Daklander and his family...

    Just heard from his brother Robert on the Musicplayer forum...Dak's mom passed away.

    Dak, just to let you know, we're here for ya, bro...

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    Daklander, I'm so sorry for your loss. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.




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      My sincere condolences to Dak and his family.

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      The chorus seems a little weak... I think it needs more lasers.


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        Dak, let me send you and the family a hug and all my love.
        All the best and lots of love from me and mine to you and yours at this sad time and your in our prayers.

        Sharmin, Fil and Family
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          We're all family here. My prayers and condolences to you Dak.
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            Dak, I'm so sorry to hear this. You're in our thoughts.

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              Thank you...
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                Amigo, estoy contigo.


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                  That's a tough loss, Dak. Always toughest on the survivors in the long run... I know from reading your own posted prior life experiences that you're well aware of the realities of living and dying and will be able to deal with this effectively in your own way and in your own good time. My sincere condolences to you and your family.



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                    My condolences.
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                      My condolences as well Dak. Losing your parents is a tough nut to deal with. You have my deepest symapthy and prayers for your strength.
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                        I'm so sorry my friend.We'll think of you and wish you strength.

                        Booshy,Rizzo and Skip.
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                          Sorry to hear that Dak. My condolences.

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                            I'm sorry to hear that Dak. My condolences, and if you need anything, you know my number.

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