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R.I.P. : Queen of Television

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  • R.I.P. : Queen of Television

    Well, I didn't know her personally but like most of you(or should I say "All" of you), I'm quite familiar with her work. Maybe too familiar. R.I.P. Obituary
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    Wow, very interesting! I knew about Philo but not her. Thanks for the link.
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      Oprah dead? Ohmygawd!!!!!

      Please, please, when you find an interesting article on line, at least mention a word or two about the contents in your posting so we don't have to go somewhere else to find out what you're talking about.
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        i'm too lazy to click the link. so i will assume that oprah is now dead.
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          Well... I knew Lucy Ball was already gone so I figured it must be something else...

          I think "godmother" of Television might be better but, anyhow, a long life of many accomplishments.

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          The chorus seems a little weak... I think it needs more lasers.