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    I'm a guitar player for many years, but I'm just begining to ease myself into the idea of singing (cuz it's too damned hard to find a good vocalist). I'm taking lessons and have two questions.

    1. What would be a good entry level setup so I can practice (Mic, amp, mixer, speakers?? what do I need really?

    2. Anyone familiar with SLS .."Speach Level Singing". It's what my instructor teaches, and I have found some info the web about it with a lot of R&B big names all over it, like stieve wonder, the Jacksons and so on. I don't see Gary Moore or Sammy Hagar on there though...

    Any help is appreciated
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    Try just an SM-58 and a JBL EON for starts. You can plug the mic directly in and you only have one knob to twist.

    Point the speaker at yourself like a stage monitor and start with real low volume. Those suckers can get real loud.

    Once you get used to the sound of yourself you can add a second one pointed at the crowd.

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      A friend just picked up a small Yamaha PA - 4 channel + 2 line level channels. It's stereo, small and gets fairly loud. It was around $550. It did well with two acoustic guitars + vocal.


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        these work real good.

        d. gauss



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          Ah, yes, Why didn't I think of that! How silly I am! Or, maybe, I'll steal that loadspeaker out of a cop car... or.. I could just buy a Drill Seargent hat and yell real loud..

          Genius you are!

          For those of you who had real advise, thanks. One concern is that I don't like to buy and rebuy, so I want something I can build on, like a small mixer and speakers, but to be honest I just don't know that much about P.A. stuff. I spend my time learning about and working on guitar sounds.
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            If you've stumbled upon a vocal instructor who is getting you started with speech level singing, IMHO, you're in good hands. Stick with it b/c it will teach you really good, solid vocal habits that you need regardless of what style of music you want to sing. If you want to sound like Hagar, check out Melissa Cross and the Zen of Screaming DVD. But only after you have the speech level stuff pretty well mastered and good technique has become natural and habitual.

            As for PAs, there are lots of different combinations, quality and price range. If you want to spend bucks and get great sound, look at the Bose system. If you want economy and covenience, Kustom makes a 100-watt 4-channel dealie that packs up in a soft-sided rolling case (kind of like a large piece of rolling luggage). I got one of those several years ago, and I can't tell you how many times that thing has come in handy. The best part is load-in/load-out as a solo act. I'm sure there are other companies making similar systems.

            Anyway, that's my 2 cents, but in this economy, probably isn't worth much!


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              I just picked up one of these Mackie powered P.A. speakers for our band's rehearsal space. Since it's only our singer that needs this, the single mic input should be enough. Otherwise, I'll pick up a cheap little mixer to add more inputs down the road.


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                I'm a little surprised nobody's asked you the obvious question yet. What do you want to do with it?


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                  Originally posted by GCDEF
                  I'm a little surprised nobody's asked you the obvious question yet. What do you want to do with it?

                  Along with that is, it's kinda tough to upgrade a small powered mixer PA so if you want to upgrade later you'll probably want to go with components.
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                    I use a SHURE BETA 58A.

                    there are some nice systems availble from Carvin .
                    Variax , Pod XT Live
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                      That Carvin stuff looks nice!

                      As for what I want to do with it, I originally wanted a system just to practice singing in my pratice space, but now I have a band forming (just need a frontman at this point) and so we need a gigable P.A. too. I think it is likely that a vocalist will bring in a P.A., so I probably still want just a pracitice setup for myself. It is possible I would use it for small shows, but I don't see myself being a frontman ever, so really practice is all I'll do with it.

                      However... If I bought just speakers and an Amp, can I find a good mixer that would double for live work as well as studio stuff? We need a mixer for recording our songs for demo/ writting purposes, with probably 8 -12 channels, so would the same mixer work for that as well as doing some live sound, or are there different features for each purpose I would want?
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