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R.I.P. James Brown


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  • R.I.P. James Brown

    May you be funky forever.

    At least your records remain.

    But why on Christmas Day? Ah well, I won't question your sense of timing.

    you are missed,

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    Funky President (People It's Bad)
    by James Brown

    Funkytown, nasty
    (Hey, listen to the man)
    Yeah, I'm the Godfather (baby)

    People, people
    We got to get over
    Before we go under
    People, people
    We got to get over
    Before we go under

    Hey, country
    Didn't say what you meant
    Just changed
    Brand new funky President

    Stock market going up
    Jobs going down
    And ain't no funking
    Jobs to be found

    Taxes keep going up
    I changed from a glass
    Now I drink out of a paper cup
    It's getting bad

    People, people
    We got to get over
    Before we go under

    Listen to me
    Let's get together and raise
    Let's get together
    And get some land

    Raise our food like the man
    Save our money like the Mob
    Put up a fight down on the job

    Tell em, Godfather

    Turn up your funk motor
    Get down and praise the Lord
    Get sexy, sexy
    Get funky and dance

    Love me, baby, love me nice
    Don't make it once
    Can you make it twice
    I like it

    People, people
    We got to get over
    Before we go under
    People, people
    Well, well, well
    Before we go under

    Turn on your funk motor
    I know it's tough
    Turn on your funk motor
    Until you get enough

    Hey, give yourself a
    Chance to come through
    Tell yourself, I can
    Do what you can do

    Hey, listen to the man
    I'm the Godfather
    Payback, cold-blooded

    People, people
    People, people
    Hey, people, people
    Don't you see what's going on

    People, people
    We got to get together
    Get on the good foot
    Change it, yeah

    Got to get together
    And get some land
    Raise our food just like the man
    Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey

    I got to say it again
    We got to get together
    And buy some land
    Raise our food just like the man
    Save our money, do like the Mob
    Put up your fight right on the job

    We gotta get over
    Before we go under
    Time's getting short, Lord

    Country, do you know
    Just what I meant
    We just changed, we got
    A brand new funky President

    I need to be the Mayor
    So I could change
    Some things around here
    I need to be the Governer
    I need to be the Governer
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      I didn't know until I read this thread. Geez, there goes another one...

      James Brown was a true original, a great singer and entertainer and an icon. He truly made many millions of us "feel good".

      Thanks, James. Your "Famous Flame" keeps right on burning. R.I.P.



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        Take it to the bridge...

        Thank you, Brother James!


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          Same here...saw this news for the first time here. Definitely marks the end of an era
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            Good article about James:




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              When I was a guitar player for the Detroit Emeralds we opened for James Brown in Louisville Kentucky at the Civic Center (or whatever the big venue was there). Less than 500 people showed up in a venue that probably held 12 thousand or so.

              The show went on as planned anyway. We did our set and then James did his show with Macio, and the Capes, and "I'm Back!" and the whole nine.

              He was gracious afterwards and smiled and shook our hands as he left. Unfortunately we never got paid for the gig due to the poor turnout.

              I also met him once in 1977 in Augusta GA at his office while with a group called The Floaters. He was quite a character and certainly a legend.

              Long live the Godfather of Soul; he certainly left his mark.

              "It's all good; except when it's Great."



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                On the one!


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                  Oh ****************.
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                    Like others, I didn't know about this before.

                    RIP, Mr. Brown. You brought a LOT of funkiness to this life.

                    And, though he's not remembered for it as much, if you go back to his early days he was a heartfelt, soulful singer.

                    A great entertainer.

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                      Remember his act on the Tami show....
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                        I saw this on the news this morning. Very sad.
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                          I saw the news on CNN, they cut away to show it, I was on the phone with my brother and just said "oh ****************".
                          He is one of a kind, the godfather, the master of soul music, his sound, his energy, he is still felt in all music today and will be felt for all eternity.

                          I'm 35, so I caught the second wave of the JB sound, when Public Enemy, Eric B and Rakim and BDP started sampling his music and started the golden age of hip hop riding the ripples of his powerful vibey waves.

                          Peace and Blessings to the man, the legend, the funk master, the hardest working man in showbusiness.

                          Peace to James Brown

                          PS - quote from PBS story "American Masters":

                          "In 1965, the immaculate rhythmic tension of "Papa's Got a Brand New Bag" ushered in a new style of music -- funk. Throughout the 1960s and into the early 1970s, James Brown increasingly abandoned melody and harmony, focusing on rhythm in songs like "Cold Sweat," "I Got the Feelin'," and "Give It Up or Turnit a Loose." Brown admitted, "I was hearing everything, even the guitars, like they were drums." By the end of the 1960s, he was mercilessly reducing every instrument to a percussive role.

                          James Brown's involvement with the civil rights movement also began in the mid-'60s. He embraced it with the same energy and dynamism he devoted to his performances. In 1966, the song "Don't Be a Drop-Out" urged black children not to neglect their education. In the same year, he flew down to Mississippi to visit the wounded civil rights activist James Meredith, shot during his "March Against Fear." From 1965 onward, Brown often canceled his shows to perform benefit concerts for black political organizations like the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC). In 1968, he initiated "Operation Black Pride," and, dressing as Santa Claus, presented 3,000 certificates for free Christmas dinners in the poor black neighborhoods of New York City. He also started buying radio stations.

                          By 1968, James Brown was very much more than an important musician; he was a major African-American icon. He often spoke publicly about the pointlessness of rioting and in February 1968, informed the black activist H. Rap Brown, "I'm not going to tell anybody to pick up a gun." On April 5, 1968, African Americans rioted in 110 cities following civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination the day before. James Brown was due to perform in Boston, Massachusetts. Mayor Kevin White and Brown decided to proceed with the show and televise it. They realized people could not resist watching a James Brown concert, and the riots gripping other cities were averted in Boston."

                          here's the full link:



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                            To me, and millions of others (especially Americans), this is a SAD SAD day. James Brown had a huge impact on just about all styles of popular music.